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Ensign Koloth, a Klingon, is currently a Science Officer aboard the USS Eagle. He graduated from Starfleet Academy with a Science Major. Although a personal secret he grew up on Maranga IV and followed in his parents footsteps in ship systems and design. At the age of 24, after his brother had successfully raised his own Great House, Koloth faked his own death, assumed a new identity and cut ties with the Klingon Empire. Koloth spent the next 35 years pursuing the sciences and working as a civilian scientist throughout the Alpha Quadrant until eventually finding himself in a Cadets uniform swearing oaths of allegiance to the Federation. While he often questions this decision he does not regret it.


  • Full Name: Koloth.
  • Race: Klingon
  • Date of Birth: 232012.03.
  • Place of Birth: Maranga IV.
  • Age: 65 (as of 238601.07).
  • Gender: Male.
  • Telepathic status: 0.


  • Age: Mid to late fourties.
  • Height: 206 centimetres (6 feet 9 inches).
  • Weight: 105 kilograms (242 pounds).
  • Hair Color: Dark with streaks of grey.
  • Length of Hair: Medium (shoulder length) usually unbound.
  • Eye Color: Dark hazel.
  • Skin Tone: Dark brown.
  • Build: Lean, for a Klingon.
  • Face: Subtle cranial ridging along with a well kept pointed mustachio and beard.
  • Eyes: Normally set with distinguished Klingon eyebrows.
  • Mouth: At age 25 Koloth had his teeth cosmetically altered to appear straight.
  • Carriage: Characteristically walks with his head bowed and hands clasped behind his back. Generally takes his time though doesn’t move without purpose.
  • Poses: Slumped over a computer console, with no regard for posture.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Prefers hand tailored traditional Klingon clothes, that are generally plain grey in colour and comfortable, coupled with heavy looking boots.
  • Voice: Deep and resonating, though guarded.
  • Handedness: Is totally right hand dependant, his left hand serving in no more complicated tasks then lifting drinks to his mouth.


  • Favorite Room: Any well equipped laboratory.
  • Mannerisms: Doesn’t take to races or individuals gifted with telepathy, and in fact resents their abilities and will go out of his way to appear gruff and aggressive towards them. If it was any consolation to telepaths Koloth dislikes psychokinesis even less.
  • Physical Limitations: Like most Klingons does not cope well with cold climates. He also suffers from untreated arthritis in both his knees, which makes standing, walking, or other movement involving his legs acutely painful.
  • Temperment: Introverted and brusque with people he doesn’t know well. When a project is nearing completion appears utterly distracted and can be keenly impatient. Comes across as contented and dedicated to the sciences and gets along well with people of a like mind.
  • Habits: When thinking on a problem he can be found to either be scratching his head and upper neck or tapping his heels on the ground. Another subconscious habit is blocking his nose with his hand and popping his ears.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: While he doesn’t believe in, he practises traditional Klingon customs and rituals.


Koloth is a driven individual who derives a lot of self worth and value out of the pursuit of the sciences. In this area of his life he is energetic, highly motivated and exhibits an enthusiasm when solving problems. However his Klingon upbringing gives him a unique view toward the sciences and will often approach problems with preconceived notions on how to solve them, which can be rigid and inflexible at times. Having had a successful career before joining Starfleet he often oversteps his boundaries, and has difficulty in accepting the chain of command.

In the other areas of his life he is thoughtful often to the point of whimsy. He both hates and loves his Klingon culture, and more likely than not falls into the category of embracing what he feels are the good parts of the culture while ignoring the less tasteful. He carries a heavy burden of guilt at having deceived his mother when leaving Qo'noS and not being able to share with her his successes. This may account for his somewhat more openness with older female members of most species.

Not being raised within the warrior caste Koloth's mannerisms and personality are atypical of the Klingon stereotype. While he still can experience the Klingon blood-lust and berserker states his concept of honor is somewhat more obscure. Within the academic castes of Klingon culture often battle is waged through words, craft and achievement and this is what has attributed to Koloth's loose tongue, sarcastic wit and fiercely competitive nature within the realm of his profession.

While Koloth holds prejudices against telepathic races he does have close friends that are telepaths, so the right kind of individual can break through this wall eventually. On the flip side he is obsessively intrigued by augment viral agents, his own ancestry sparking this interest. Related to this Koloth often considered cosmetic surgery while young to enhance his appearance as an Klingon that's suffered from the augment virus. In the end he did have his teeth straightened but never went through with cranial reconstruction.

While he doesn't often seek out friendships or company he actually delights in being involved in social circles. This is due to his desire not to be left out of things which can be used to manipulate Koloth into situations he wouldn't otherwise involve himself.


Because of Koloth’s history he technically doesn’t have a family, having assumed the identity of an orphan before departing the Klingon homeworld.


  • Marital Status: Single.


  • Father: Korath.
  • Mother: Grilka.


  • Brother: Kahmar: Koloth's younger brother, but when news of his father's commendation reached Koloth he (with his families agreement) doctored records and switched identities with him. Kahmar (or Koloth) remains quite resemblant of Koloth in appearance, sharing in his brothers slightly less pronounced cranial ridges. After performing his first rite of ascension Kahmar had cosmetic surgery to have his ridges altered to be more typically Klingon, something that Koloth often jokingly teased him for. Kahmar came into prominence after being found to be having an affair with the wife of a leader of a minor Klingon House. He killed the leader in a duel and married his lover and was accorded his own House within the Klingon Empire. Kahmar wanted Koloth to align himself with his new house, and to follow the way of the warrior, a sad irony as Koloth had switched identities with his brother to avoid exactly that fate. Kahmar was witness to Koloth's staged Hegh'bat which seemed to restore his brother in his warriors eyes. Kahmar went on to lead successful campaigns against the Cardassian Empire and later the Dominion, so much so that his House was raised in stature and given a seat on the Klingon High Council. As far as Kahmar is concerned Koloth died when he was 24.


Korath and Grilka were both of the Klingon science caste and were associated with the House of Antaak. His parents both were part of the Augment plague victims as children, though were eventually cured by the Klingon doctor Antaak’s methods. Both parents underwent cranial reconstruction and later on gene therapy, hence Koloth and his brother Kahmar were born with the typical Klingon physiology with what some might consider slightly less pronounced cranial ridges.

Korath was an eminent ship designer while his wife Grilka was involved in ship systems, specifically scanning technology. During the shake down cruise of a newly developed Bird of Prey, of which Korath was a crew of, an attack was made on an outpost. Complications in the ships warp core resulted in a near overload however Korath was able to fix the matter resulting in the saving of the ship and the destruction of the outpost. Korath lost his life in the struggle to keep the ships systems intact which impressed the commander of the vessel who fought successfully to have Korath’s honour restored which allowed his children to partake in the Rites of Ascension.

However during this time Koloth had been applying himself to his parents’ trade and took well to the research and design of ships and their systems. Such as it was Koloth was invited to Qo’noS to further advance his education in ship systems. When news arrived that Korath’s honour had been restored Koloth bribed contacts he had made in the High Council to allow him access to the central archive records. Not wanting to give up his career in ship design he altered birth records and switched identities with his younger brother.

So Koloth was able to continue his career as a ship designer with the support of his Mother and Brother who hid the details of Koloth’s crime. He was able to continue his fathers work on the Bird of Prey class vessels and became a major supporter of their refit and continued service. His brother on the other hand excelled as a warrior and quickly gained a reputation as being part of the new generation of Klingon warriors.

Soon however Klingon ritual and tradition embroiled Koloth’s life again as his brother took the life of a House leader, K’Trelan, in fair combat. After performing the Brek’tal his brother successfully raised his own House and quickly called upon his brother for support. Koloth did not want to leave his career to support his brother’s new House, and after a bitter falling out he once again used his contacts in the Council and faked his own death.

Koloth took on the life of a Klingon orphan that had died in his childhood and coincidentally retook his name as Koloth. He left the Klingon Empire hoping to never return and managed to get himself accepted into the Daystrom Institute. Here began a life long battle with the sciences, a battle he has immersed himself into entirely. Soon after completing an eleven year tenure at the Institute and beginning his career as a civilian scientist he found out that his mother had passed away, happily at the age of 178. He made a pilgrimage back to Maranga IV to pay his respects without incident.

Content with contracting out his services and skills to various races within the Alpha Quadrant he eventually settled into an association with the Vulcan Science Academy. Keeping very much in the theoretical sciences Koloth developed strong ties within the Vulcan scientific circles and eventually settled on Vulcan to pursue a research post with the Academy. His most notable work was on sub-quantum transporting which earned him a position on a team which were selected to be part of an information exchange organised by Vulcan and the Romulan Ministry of Science.

Five long years were spent travelling from one Romulan outpost to the next, and Koloth was slowly disenfranchised with the continued exploitation of his peers for what he deemed to be military use. Finally when his time was up he left his position on Vulcan to once again take up his civilian career, finding once again a freedom in his work. This also allowed him to avoid the major conflicts (Klingon-Cardassian War, Federation-Klingon War, Dominion War) occuring throughout the Alpha Quadrent during the next five or so years. This freedom made accepting a role at the Daystrom Institute, where he earned his credentials, much more appealing as it had softened the years spent working with the Romulan Astrophysical Academy.

Exposed to a lot more work with Federation outposts and planets he found himself slowly drawn to the idea of serving within the framework of the Federation. This idea was put on hold for three years in the search for someone willing to sponsor a now middle aged Klingon. Eventually through the reacquainting of an old college from Vulcan who had left for the Federation (coupled with a somewhat more flexible Starfleet Acadamy entry requirments due to the continued recovery of losses suffered during the Dominion conflict) he managed to find a willing sponsor; and subsequently tore through four years at Starfleet Academy where he gave up his past freedom to serve.

Personal Timeline

  • 232012.03: Born of Korath and Grilka on Maranga IV.
  • 232110.15: Koloth’s brother Kahmar is born.
  • 233606.06: Koloth’s father dies.
  • 233606.10: Moves to Qo’noS.
  • 233606.20: Edit’s the central archives records to switch places with his brother.
  • 233607.11: Koloth’s brother is acceded to the warrior caste and completes his First Rite of Ascension.
  • 233908.23: Koloth’s brother completes his The Second Rite of Ascension.
  • 234501.01: Koloth’s brother performs the Brek'tal with the late wife of K'Trelan and is granted his own House, the House of Koloth.
  • 234501.03: Fakes his own death and assumes an orphans persona.
  • 235810.07: Returns to Maranga IV upon the death of his mother.

Professional Timeline

  • 233203.06: Begins an apprenticeship with his parents in the sciences.
  • 233912.15: Begins a career in ship design.
  • 234501.30: Is accepted into the Daystrom Institute.
  • 235112.15: Graduates with a general sciences degree.
  • 235201.30: Begins postgraduate studies with the Daystrom Institute.
  • 235612.30: Completes a combined masters and PhD on the theoretical application of tomographic image scanning.
  • 235701.01: Begins a civilian career as a scientist, and accepts a research post with the Vulcan Science Academy to initially explore sub-quantum transporting.
  • 236506.13: Agrees to be part of a team posted to Romulan Astrophysical Academy in an exchange of information negotiated between the Romulan Ministry of Science and the Vulcan Science Academy.
  • 237002.22: Returns to his civilian career.
  • 237504.08: Accepts a permanent post at the Daystrom Institute.

StarFleet Assessments and Records


  • 238101.25: Passes the Academy entrance competition exams after being accepted into Starfleet Acadamy.
  • 238412.15: Graduates from the academy with a Science Major having further specialised in the Quantum sciences (Physics and Chemistry) in place of a minor.
  • 238601.15: Completed his Cadet’s cruise.
  • 238601.16: Promoted to Ensign and assigned to the USS Challenger as a Science Officer.
  • 238601.31: Transfered to the USS Steadfast-A as a Science Officer.
  • 238602.04: Promoted to Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Steadfast-A.
  • 238603.04: Transfered to the USS Eagle as a Science Officer.

Major Publications

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  • Koloth. (235812.26) Relationships of Chroniton Flux Within Temporal Mechanics. Vulcan Science Academy Bulletin, 102 (4), 3-15.
  • Koloth. (235903.05) Elements of Gravimetric Theory. Vulcan: Vulcan Science Academy.
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