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Following the successful and popular initiative of the Focused Operation Refit Taskforce (Project FORT), the rollout of refitted operations centres on various ships and installations across the fleet has been accomplished. This initiative also improved various operations systems and its learnings have been incorporated into the latest ships of the fleet. One area of success was the implementation of a refitted operations centre on the USS Oumuamua. Acting chief of operations Lt Toxin Arlill said “These [operation centers] will no doubt add to the effectiveness of operations throughout the fleet. It’s also nice to have a place us ops folks can call home.”

Operations chiefs who took part in project FORT, reported improved department morale and a stronger sense of identity among the dedicated operations staff and officers, particularly those serving on starships. One operations officer, who preferred to remain anonymous, said, “It’s great to finally have a place to call our own. I remember one Miranda class I served on where I had to work anywhere I could find. I seriously considered transferring to a station just to get into one of those coveted ops centers.”

While some have criticized Operations Centres, humorously describing them as “playset bridges”, there is no denying their usefulness in ship-wide operations and cross-department collaboration. The operations division has always play pivotal roles in tying together the departments of every ship, these new centres now provide a central nerve bundle to strengthen those connections.

The Operations Centre on the USS Octavia E Bulter is the result of Project FORT. The OEB provided a blank canvas for which operations could have the run of the place and tailor every inch to their needs.


Spread over two decks, the Operations Centre (OC) of the OEB made the OC of the Oumuamua look like a children's treehouse. The core of the OC featured a multitude of workbenches that could be configured at a moment's notice, thanks to the holographic emitters placed all around the OC. At the centre of the OC was the area known as the Hub (LtJG. Nilsen wanted to call it the core but he let LT. Arlill have this one). The lower area of this hub is known as "the pit"

The Pit

The pit is on the lower level of the Operations Centre, funtionally this is deck 7. This is the most open and busy area of the OC and where most visitors would find themselves. This is the area where projects that require the most colabration are handled. There are a number of holographic stations that can be quickly reconfigured to the needs of the mission or project at hand. The centre of the pit is sunk in and makes a circle that is three steps deep. This lies directly under the mezzanine floor, allowing anyone in this circle to see the people in the pit.


This is directly above the pit and forms a circle around the lowered central scention. Somewhat simular to that of a galxay class's engine room, This floor contrains more specalised workstations and allows for further access to the Chief of Operations office and to the facilites on deck 7

Deck 6 which contains the upper part of the Operations Centre
Deck 7- Which contains the main/lower level of the Operations Centre

Links to OEB Operations Department Office which is affectionally nicknamed by some to ODO


Below are a list of duties that fall under ops and duties that can be managed from the operations centre. This isn’t a complete list but enough to get an idea of what this space is used for.

  • Duty rosters
  • Priority and Resource Allocation
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Logistics
    • QuarterMaster
  • Communication management (With HCO role, I kinda feel like that department was folded into ops)
  • Maintenance of main computer
  • Power management
  • Away mission management
  • Sensor schedules and sweeps
  • Transporter room operations.
  • Chief of boat
    • Drawing up training and drill schedules.
  • Organizing diplomatic meetings, large ship-building efforts, or other special projects requiring large degrees of coordination.

Officers and Staff

Leadership Team
Toxin Arlill LT.png Lt. Toxin Arlill
Chief of Operations
Lhandon Nilsen Ensign OEB.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Lhandon Joseph Nilsen
Assistant Chief of Operations & HCO
OICs & Support Staff
Selay.jpg Petty Officer Issali Transporter Operations CIC Elisahansen.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade Elisa Hansen
General Services OIC
Janice-Whittaker.png Petty Officer Third Class Janice Whittaker
Fleet Operations Officer
Julien Paradi.png Petty Officer Julien Paradi

Transporter Operations

Gemma Flinch.png Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Grade Gemma Flinch
Facilities Manager
PO3-Prachett.png Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Grade Rence Prachett
Facilities Management OIC