Pek'al Grurg

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Pek'al Grurg is a security officer assigned to the USS Kitty Hawk.

USS Kitty Hawk
Pek'al Grurg
Position Security Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Klingon
Gender Female
DOB 237103.19
Age 29
Birthplace Qo'noS

USS Kitty Hawk


Pek'al's progressive parents lived all around the Klingon Empire since her birth, including a long stint in the Klingon Colonies in The Shoals when she was 13. During her time there her parents took her out of school on a long journey to Federation colonies, including Karakka, Donova IV and Antor and the allied non-Federation world Esperance. While on Esperance, she became infatuated with the idea of becoming a Starfleet officer. Her parents eventually moved to the outer reaches of the Klingon empire, and whilst there encouraged her to chase her dream of being a Starfleet officer.

Pek'al embraces her Klingon heritage, but proudly samples customs and traditions from other cultures as well. She wears her dark hair in dreadlocks. She has a friendly demeanour, and is known to smile a lot. She enjoys pranks[1].