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With both the phaser cannons and torpedo launchers mounted in a unilateral direction on the superstructure, the Drake's primary firing arc is forward facing, leaving the ship vulnerable against more manoeuvrable or numerous vessels. Should the superstructure be crippled or destroyed, the Drake also loses a significant portion of her firepower. It has also been noted that the inability to mount any kind of armour or hull redundancies could result in the ship being “popped like a cherry”, should shields fail under fire.

Attempts to integrate bio-neural circuitry onto the vessel were met with disastrous results and the ship has recently been downgraded to full isolinear circuitry once again, until a compatibility solution is found.

Miranda Class MSD.jpg


  • Class: Miranda
  • Registration: NCC-1987
  • Type: Medium Cruiser
  • Production Base: ASDB Integration Section, Starbase 134 Integration Facility, Rigel VI.
  • Commissioned: 2308

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 243m
  • Beam: 150m
  • Height: 63m
  • Mass: 655 000t
  • Hull: Standard Duranium/Tritanium single layer.
  • Decks: 15

Crew Complement

  • Officers: 22
  • Enlisted: 73
  • Total: 95
  • Maximum Evacuation Capacity: 252

Computer Systems

  • Hardware: Isolinear III processing units.
  • Operating System: Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS)

Propulsion Systems

  • Impulse: One U675 FIG-4 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Unit
  • Warp: Two 850 LF-40 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units
  • Standard Cruise Speed: 6
  • Maximum Sustainable Cruise Speed: 8.5
  • Maximum Speed: 9.75 (8 hours)

Tactical Systems

  • Phasers: Six Type-IX collimated phaser arrays (dorsal and ventral saucer section), 2 Class-I rapid-fire pulse phaser cannon (superstructure).
  • Torpedoes: Two pulse fire torpedo tubes, two standard torpedo tubes (superstructure).
  • Standard Load-out: 202 Type X photon torpedoes, 42 Type VI quantum torpedoes, 6 tricobolt devices
  • Deflector Shields: 10 asymmetrical, oscillating subspace graviton field grids with recursive response analysis.
  • Tractor Beams: One tractor beam emitter, ventral saucer section.

Crew Support Systems

  • Medical: One sickbay, with three standard biobeds and one surgical bed, an intensive-care unit (ICU), biohazard support, critical care, morgue and a small medical laboratory.
  • Holographic Support: None
  • Recreational: 1 holodeck (15 man capacity), mess hall with 4 food replicators, crew lounge, gymnasium.

Transporter Systems

  • Personnel: 2 transporter rooms with a 6 man capacity per transporter.
  • Cargo: 2 cargo transporters with a 500t capacity per transport.

Cargo Systems

  • Total Capacity: 20 000t
  • Cargo Bay One: Organic and inorganic storage (variable environmental controls), 7 500t capacity
  • Cargo Bay Two: Inorganic storage, 12 500t capacity

Auxiliary Spacecraft Systems

  • Short Range Shuttles: Type IX Shuttle (3)
  • Long Range Shuttles: Type XI Shuttle (1)
  • Emergency Evacuation Systems: 42 Type VII Autonomous Survival and Recovery Vehicles (lifepods)


  • Expected Duration: 120 years
  • Minor Refit Cycle: 5 years.
  • Standard Refit Cycle: 10 years.
  • Major Refit Cycle: 30 years.

NPC Roster    ·    Drake Senior Staff    ·    Crew History
CO: William Rogers  ·  XO: David Whale
COO: Solok  ·  HCO: Kendall Washburn
IO: Oliver Weston
CDO: Vacant
CEO: Pandora  ·  EO: James
COS: Sakorra Jefferson Reed  ·  SO: Nemitor Atimen
CTO: Sinda Essen  ·  TO: Vacant
CMO: Dantin-Vex  ·  Coun: Danzia
ACMO: Vacant  ·  MO: Vacant
CSO: Vacant
SCO: Alexander Richards   ·   SCO: Enabren Rayn
MAR: Vacant
CIV: Didrik Stennes
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