Typrycese VII

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Typrecese VII
Region Valcarian Outlying Territories
Sector Harkanon Sector
System Typrycese system
Sun(s) 1: (Typrycese)
Moon(s) 0
Class D
Atmosphere none
Hydrosphere none
Climate frigid
Gravity 0.46g
Primary terrain barren, rocky
Length of Day 24h
Length of Year 830d
Native species Valcarian
Affiliation Valcarian Imperial Republic
Government military; mining colony
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  • Sapient Species: 12 million, mostly Valcarian
  • Technological Classification: Rating N on the Richter Scale
  • Culture: Military Starship Construction Yards
  • Resources: raw materials, military ships and equipment
  • Ship Facilities: Typrycese has one major land-based starport, restricted for military use

The Typrycese system is devoid of life, consisting of rocky worlds rich with heavy metals. The Typrycese system has little of interest in it save the Typrycese Shipyards, a large, heavily defended facility used for the construction of Imperial warships. The shipyards were created at Typrycese because of the system's proximity to Imperial convoy routes, the Par'tha Expanse, and the preponderance of available metals and ores. The shipyard's main control facility was constructed on Typrycese VII, a medium sized planetoid that maintains a monotonously regular orbit around its sun.

The shipyard facilities themselves are orbital platforms that circle the planetoid, and are constantly monitored by the installation's security systems. The orbital platforms are used for virtually every stage of starship construction: there are open dry-docks for the overhaul of warp engines, heavy lifting platforms, a work area for the construction of space vessel superstructures, and even a firing platform to fine-tune a new ship's weaponry. Overall, the Typrycese shipyards are an impressive and efficient facility for the Imperial Navy.

Government: Typrycese is under the command of Admiral Drost, a once important Valcarian military leader, who is beginning to show signs of age. He was reassigned here several years ago by his younger, more aggressive counterparts in the Military Council.

Economy: Typrycese's only business is mining the ore-rich planetoids and asteroid fields for use in military starship construction, and the ship construction itself.

Points of Interest: The main construction facilities are in orbit around Typrycese VII, but there are several smaller ore-processing stations scattered throughout the system. There is also Imperial garrison located on a large asteroid near Typrycese VII, and another on an asteroid towards the edge of the system.