Typhon Expanse energy creature

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Typhon Expanse energy creature
Four Letter Code TEEC
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Typhon Expanse
Encountered APL: "Slither, Slither in the Night"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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The Typhon Expanse energy creature is a non-corporeal entity made up entirely of energy.

Home System


The energy creatures of the Typhon Expanse were first encountered by the USS Nelson in the year 2389. It is believed that the energy creature was responsible for the near destruction of the Nelson. After the Nelson went missing, the USS Apollo was sent on a search and rescue mission into the Typhon Expanse to locate the Nelson. Upon discovery of the Nelson, the Apollo was attacked and enveloped by the energy creature.


The energy creature appears to be intelligent based on its actions. It is non-corporeal and is made up entirely of energy.


Hypothesis is that the energy creature is of another dimension. It has been suggested that the energy creature is a living string that exists both inside of the observable dimensions as well as outside of observable dimensions.

It is also hypothesized that the energy creature may have some connection to some of the strange phenomenon observed in the Typhon Expanse such as the hearing of music, experiencing strange scents, or unusual feelings. The creature may also be responsible for crew experiencing sudden changes in personality and hallucinations.


The creature is either attracted or scared off by large quantities of energy dispersion. This technique was used by the Apollo to thwart the energy creature attack.

Starfleet Intelligence Files

Medical reports

  • Attending Physician for this Incident: Ens. Jalana Laxyn
  • Most survivors recovered by the Apollo had been exposed to extreme darkness and cold for a long period of time, but there were some common underlying diagnosis:
    • Hyperphotosensitivity
    • Paranoid delusions
    • Grandsure
    • Catatonic states
  • One overwhelmingly huge difference among patient's was their eyes
    • Seemingly black liquid present in their entire eye, covering the surface at times, but lying dormant when not.
      • No further information at this time.