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Tydo is a colonial security officer assigned to the minor research settlement of Cakapunnual, located on Shadow's Edge. Quick on her feet and a "crack shot" with a rifle, she oversees routine security problems within the settlement. Her family moved to the Shoals after several stints on various different colonies. Despite working with their officers closely, Tydo is becomes increasingly anxious about Starfleet's increased involvement of matters on Shadow's Edge.

Late in 2393, Tydo takes part in the local pursuit of an Orion smuggler. Equipped with a custom stun rifle, she was able to take at least three shots at the smuggler, successfully keeping him in check whilst the rest of the security force arrived at the scene. She is suspicious of a Starfleet-endorsed informant, Irasaph, whom claims to know the ins and outs of the Orion Syndicate and possibly hold ties to the Brekkian drug cartel Sky Blake is after.[1] Later, she discovered a young child carrying an EM-33 plasma pistol, accusing Blake of smuggling the ancient Starfleet weapon it into the settlement.[2]

When the Veritas crew returns to Shadow's Edge to conduct their own investigation into the death of Captain Rosa Carrero, Tydo has been temporarily assigned to the main colony to increase the Marshal's presence. She is sent to stop the team entering the murder scene. She ends up in a serious argument with Blake, and results her leaving the premises, angered by the notion Starfleet may just blame the entire situation on the Marshals.[3] Blake would later write a report about her obstruction of their side of the investigation.


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