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Telepaths can read thoughts, empaths can read emotions. The only exceptions are when reading the minds of species with four lobed brains, most notably, the Ferengi.

The ability of a telepath or empath can be easily referenced using the following table:

Telepathic/Empathic Rating
0 No telepathic or empathic abilities
0+ Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
1 Same species, touch only
2 Same species, no contact required
3 Species with two lobed brain, touch only
4 Species with two lobed brain, no contact required
5 Any species (including non-readable entities), touch only
6 Any species (including non-readable entities), no contact required
NR Non-readable entity; most likely four-lobed brain. Still readable to T5/E5 and T6/E6.
  • When writing the reference, include a T before the number for a Telepath (T3) and an E for an Empath (E5).
  • Use NR for non-readable individuals. For instance, Ferengi would be listed as T0 NR because they possess no telepathic abilities (T0) and are non-readable (NR) due to their four-lobed brains.
NOTE: Prior to SD 239106.21, T0 and E0 was used widely to refer to characters without any telepathic or empathic abilities as well as to those with extrasensory perception. Character bios last modified before that date should be noted as either possessing no ability or possessing ESP depending upon context within the bio.

List of T/E Ratings for Telepathic/Empathic Species and Non-Readable Species

Species Pop % Ability Rating
Betazoid All Telepathy T4/E4
Human/Betazoid All Empathy and limited telepathy T2/E4
Dabh'aelisu All Telepathy and other abilities T4
Deltan All Empathy E4
Dopterian All 4 lobes T0 NR
Ferengi All 4 lobes T0 NR
Haliian All Empathy E3
Kriosian (empathic metamorph subset) Males: somewhat common; Females: Rare Empathy E4
Vulcan All Telepathy T5
Ullian All Telepathy T4
Rodulan All Telepathy, 4 lobes T4-T6 NR

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