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Four Letter Code DOPT
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin somewhere in Ferengi space
Encountered The USS Enterprise crew encountered a Dopterian named Gorta, while searching for the Duras sisters (Lursa and B'Etor). Constable Odo knows of them from various dealings on space station Deep Space Nine. (DS9: The Forsaken
T/E Rating T0 NR
Current Tech Level AAA
List of Named Dopterians

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A humanoid race related to the Ferengi and, like them, unsensible to telepaths (because of their four lobed brains, a similarity to their Ferengi cousins.) In appearance Dopterian bald heads are covered with a slight mottling, a Ferengi-like nose and a Lissepian-like extended cranium and a ridge from the rear of the head to the stubby, pointed earflap. They also resemble Kobheerians. They are short humanoids with skin tones ranging from dull yellow to dark brown. Theory holds that Ferengi proto-humanoids were transplanted to the Dopterian homeworld. Because of their four lobed brain Dopterians are immune to Betazoid telepathy and empathy.