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The T8A monster was a massive creature that lived underground on the planet T8A. It was a sentient creature that survived millions of years and had no concept of sentients living only a few years and then dying.

Interactions with the T8A Civilization

Thousands of years ago a civilization of humanoids thrived on T8A. The T8A creature believed the people of this civilization to be in need of protection from the elements and so it systematically began capturing and taking them underground to live inside of itself. Over time the T8A civilization evolved a creation myth that involved a young girl being swallowed up by the ground and then wept over by all the trees. This story probably arose as a result of an actual figure whom the creature captured and then was embellished as people began to notice the tendency of the feather-like seeds on the trees of T8A to fall at certain times.

The Woman for whom the Birds Wept

The Federation team sent to investigate the disappearance of a marine on T8A soon found the T8A creature re-enacting what appeared to be actual events involving the mysterious woman. The woman acted as a conduit for interaction with the creature.