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Character Information


Starfleet instructor.pngCharacter DetailsStarfleet instructor.png
Insignia Rank Character Name Posting Assignment Status
03-Lt-Blue.png Lieutenant T'Mihn Ah'mihgahn Chief HCO Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A Active


Starfleet instructor.pngNon-Playing CharactersStarfleet instructor.png
NPC Status Posting Duty Post Belonging
Vahlihn S'Tor'el ch'Ahvrom Active USS Thunder-A Civilian - Medical Doctor T'Mihn Ah'mihgahn
Osa Active USS Thunder-A Civilian - Reldai (medic who can attend to humanoid and animal injuries, as well as being a counselor) T'Mihn Ah'mihgahn
Brian Koestler Active USS Thunder-A Civilian - Engineering consultant for Prometheus class ships T'Mihn Ah'mihgahn
Ahyel Active USS Thunder-A Civilian - Pet T'Mihn Ah'mihgahn

Academy Cadet character: Brian Keostler


See also List of Awards and Service Ribbons.
Starfleet instructor.pngAward ListingStarfleet instructor.png
Award Name Date Ship
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 238902.12 USS Tiger-A
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg Peace Keeper Ribbon 238906.04 USS Tiger-A
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg Silver Palm 238906.04 USS Tiger-A
Awards ServiceRibbons WarWithBorg 2011.jpg Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal 2389 USS Tiger-A
Klingon Invasion Ribbon 2389 USS Tiger-A
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg Prisoner of War Ribbon 2389 USS Tiger-A
Awards ServiceRibbons HobusHeroism 2011.jpg Hobus Heroism Ribbon 2389 USS Tiger-A
Awards ServiceRibbons RomulanCampaign 2011.jpg Romulan Campaign Medal 2389 USS Tiger-A
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg Captain's Commendation (Sidney Riley) 2389 USS Tiger-A
Awards ServiceRibbons Ithassa 2011.jpg Ithassa Region Campaign Medal 2389 USS Tiger-A
Awards General GenesisBadge 2011.jpg Genesis badge 2390 USS Tiger-A
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peace Keeper Ribbon 239005.31 USS Vigilant
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg Explorer’s Ribbon 239012.05 USS Vigilant
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg Purple Heart 239012.05 USS Vigilant
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg The Sheathed Sword 239012.31 USS Vigilant
Awards ServiceRibbons medicalscience 2013.jpg Medical Science Ribbon 239109.24 Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg TOSMA 239112.24 Embassy of Duronis II & USS Thunder-A

Fleet-wide Activity


Starfleet instructor.pngTeam ParticipationStarfleet instructor.png
Team Position Dates Comment
Newsies Team Member 238912.01 - Present Column: T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner
Publicity Team Member 238904 - Present Top points earner for team participation [1][2]
Starfleet instructor.pngWritten News ArticlesStarfleet instructor.png
Article Issue Date
Title Issue Date
Coniferous Rainbow T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner [3] 239007.01
Writer’s Workshop: How to Think, And Write, Like an Alien Writer’s Workshop [4] 239005.31
Licorice Tea T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner [5] 239003.16
T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner: Chocolate Dream T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner [6] 239002.13
T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner: Vulcan Fire Tea T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner [7] 239001.28
T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner: Hasperat T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner [8] 239001.20
T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner: Plomeek Soup – Hearty Version T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner [9] 239001.13
T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner: Hot Spicy Cha’i T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner [10] 239001.06
So You Want To Be A Gamer [11] 239001.05
Character Creation: Avoiding Mary Sue [12] 238912.22
Socca Pizza T’Mihn’s Cooking Corner [13] 238912.08

Contest Wins

Starfleet instructor.pngContest WinsStarfleet instructor.png
Contest Award/Placing Date
Contest Award/Placing Date

'Photo Gallery'

Starfleet instructor.png Gallery Starfleet instructor.png