Vahlihn ch'Ahvrom

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  • Full Name: Vahlihn S'Tor'el ch'Ahvrom
  • Race: Vulcan
  • Date of Birth: 300 ( Vulcan date and Stardate coming)
  • Place of Birth: Vulcan
  • Age: 90
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T5/T5


  • Height: 2.13 M(7')
  • Weight: 90.72 Kg.(200lbs)
  • Hair Color Black
  • Length of Hair: Just past the shoulders
  • Eye Color: warm hazel
  • Skin Tone: Mediterranean with subtle green under tones.
  • Build: Big,well defined musculature.


Vahlihn ch'Ahvrom was born and lived during Ti'Valhk'ain's Time of Awakening. He and T'Mihn grew up together. They were close friends and later bonded in adulthood as bondmates. As a young man,Vahlihn went into medical school. He wanted to help people,to heal not bring pain as he had seen the wars cause. He tried his best to stay out of the Sudocian wars,but fate had other ideas. Eventually the man was drafted to serve as a feild medic for four years. When Vahlihn's term he reentered medical college for a degree in immunology.

His life with his bondmate was pleasent. She being his soul mate,his other half. The two had many children,and grandchildren They had a good life together considering the stresses of leaving their only home to venture into the vast wastes of space aboard a massive reengineered war vessel turned generational ship.

On board Sheild,Vahlihn was the head healer. His knowledge of immunology was invaluable for the now space faring people. After many years of travel Sheild was sucked into a wormhole not to be seen again from the perspective of the convoy Sheild was with. To them,the ship and its 6,000 souls were counted as lost.

The ship was spat out into a little know star system,which had a livable world. The rook a year or two to explore the system,mapping it and the habitable worlds. In the meantime an illness called Lung Lock Fever caused havok in the colder,more humid environment of the ship. The illness if contracted on Ti'Valhk'ain the patient usually spent three days in bed and was fine. It wasn't so on a ship being much "colder and wetter". It turned something benign into a population crippling thing. Vahlihn and his family were in its grip.

When Vahlihn succumbed to lung lock fever, he gave his own vaccine dose to his adun'a (wife), and children. The fever claimed in shortly there after.

Unbeknownst to the colonists and the Ah'mygahn family Sheild had a stowaway from the wormhole. It's unintwntional presenace caused the electrical systems to fail. It saw what happened,and took an interest in the plight of these noble people. It saw the great grief caused to Ah'mygahn clan and wanted to make things right.  When Vahlihn's body was laid to rest in space,the energy creature took it.  Years later the Vulcan appeared on Bilire IV in the garments he wore,but his memory was fractured.  He knew his name,he had his medical skills,but remembered little of his life as a result of a refussion of body ans soul. It would take time for Vahlihn's memory to return. In the meantime,he continues his work to battle the Nemesis that nearly took his family. Now the beast returned in a newer more deadly form to later waste to a world. 

The doctor out of time,and place. Thia skills of a bygone era,but his mind is sharp,and concise and his heart caring. He set to work to heal the people called Romulans. One day people called Starfleet showed up,and the next several hours were the most harrowing Vahlihn had experienced since Sudoc's War.

The planet ravaged by hurricanes, the colony destroyed by colliding waves from the sea and the dam, and destroyed space craft raining fire,Vahlihn finds himself on a Starfleet vessel. Not knowing what his future would hold. Too many unanswered questions and inconsistencies remain about The Wrath,The Starfleet officers and the Ri'hannsu.