Starbase 74

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Starbase 74 is a Federation Spacedock starbase administrated by Starfleet. The base orbits the planet Tarsas III in Sector 001, which was a region of space in the Alpha Quadrant. The starbase worked in conjunction with Starfleet Operational Support Services in the routine maintenance and upgrade of systems and replenishing of supplies aboard starships. This starbase is located near the Beta Magellan system. In 2364, the base was commanded by Commander Orfil Quinteros. (Cited from Memory Alpha)

In 2392, Starbase 74 began an extensive refit on the USS Astraeus, under the supervision of Lieutenant Commander Mei'konda. In 2396, this refit was completed, and the Astraeus was assigned to now-Captain Mei'konda's command.