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A starship was a spaceship designed for interstellar travel, specifically between star systems.

Starships are commonly powered by impulse engines, ion engines or sublight drives, and many - usually the larger vessels - are equipped with some sort of superluminal generators, used to reach and/or surpass lightspeed. Such is the state of the galaxy, many starships are armed, usually with laser cannons or blaster cannons. Capital ships often feature turbolaser emplacements or missile launchers. Weapons help defend against star pirates and military forces. Deflector shields counter the effect of laser weaponry, protecting the starship from attack.

Intergalactic starflight became possible largely with the invention of the dual-drive system, which consists of an anti-grav drive or powerful engines to exit a system's gravity well and do inter-system traveling, and a superluminal drive system to allow for faster-than-light travel.

Notable Starships

Notable Starship Types