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Star Trek: An Introduction

01 The future
02 Starfleet
03 Viewer Guide
04 Learn more

Starfleet Academy

For more than 200 years, StarFleet Academy has taken the Federation’s brightest and best and turned them into officers of the fleet. The Academy is one of the most rigorous and prestigious educational institutions in the Federation. It was founded in 2161, and has since trained thousands of Starfleet Officers.


About the Academy Academy Library
Academy Curriculum Course Catalogue
Majors and Minors Core Courses
Standard Course Layout Major/Minor Species


Major powers of the future

Klingon Empire-Gray.png
Klingon Empire.png
Romulan Star Empire-Gray.png
Romulan Star Empire.png
Romulan Republic-Gray.png
Romulan Republic.png
Cardassian Union-Gray.png
Cardassian Union.png
Tholian Assembly-Gray.png
Tholian Assembly.png
United Federation of Planets Klingon Empire Romulan Star Empire Romulan Republic Cardassian Union Tholian Assembly
Other Powers: Breen ConfederacyDominionSaurian EmpireTalarian RepublicRigelian Assembly

Ensigns Orientation