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Missing In Action (Columbia)

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Upon launching of three shuttle craft to begin the search for [[Theo Whittaker | Captain Whittaker]] on the moonplanet, the bridge crew of [[USS Columbia]] was able to break the pervasive veil of the electromagnetic interference around the moonplanet, using the ship's deflector dish as an EM pulse, to find an artificial energy field that seemed to be a jamming signal of some sort. [[Jarred Thoran | Lt. Commander Jarred Thoran]] diverted [[Anath G'Renn | Doctor G’Renn's]] team to investigate and possibly disable it. Unable to contact the other shuttles, the [[USS Columbia | Columbia]] diverted to an asteroid field, where they discover the remains of a Federation vessel, which was odd since there were no other records of any Federation ships other than the already known ones that were there a long time ago. What will the [[USS Columbia | Columbia]] learn about this new development? The other shuttles seemed to have had a rough ride down to the surface of the moonplanet, but not after taking a few bumps along the way. They now begin to search for the [[USS Kumari]] and occupants in earnest.
On the moonplanet, [[Theo Whittaker | Captain Whittaker]] was taken captive by taller more robust humans after crash landing the [[USS Kumari]]. His companions, Captain's Yeoman Haneer and Security Officer Skalvok are being held elsewhere. Skalvok being severely injured from the crash. [[Theo Whittaker | Captain Whittaker]] meets the leader of the humans, Verne. What will be learned by this exchange?

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