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Missing In Action (Columbia)

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Tweaking location of mission
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After Captain Whittaker goes off grid in his test flight in the Captain's Yacht, [[USS Kumari]], the [[USS Columbia]] picks up some sensor readings on a planet that was far off the course the [[USS Kumari | Kumari]] could have taken. [[Jarred Thoran | Lt. Commander Jarred Thoran]], temporarily in command of the [[USS Columbia | Columbia]], has diverted to a planet relatively near on the edge of the strange [[Galactic BarrierSagittarius Reach]] where there are three possible locations of the whereabouts of [[Theo Whittaker | Captain Whittaker]] and companions.
Three landing parties consisting of [[Randal Shayne | Commander Shayne]],[[Sanara Pran | Lieutenant Pran]], [[Hal Mika | Counselor Mika]] and [[Saden Lor | Doctor Saden Lor]] for team one, [[Mirra Ezo | Lt. Commander Mirra Ezo]], you’ll go with [[Luna Walker | Commander Luna Walker]], [[Ash MacKenna| Lt. Commander Ash MacKenna]] and [[Talos Dakora | Ensign Dakora]] making up the second team and the third being that of [[Anath G'Renn | Doctor G’Renn]], [[Rune Jolara | Lt. Commander Rune Jolara]]. [[Tatash | Commander Tatash]] and [[Pholin Duyzer | Ensign Pholin Duyzer]] will beam down to the planet to investigate the trio of signals to determine if they are that ofthe [[USS Kumari]] and occupants or something entirely different.

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