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Missing In Action (Columbia)

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On the moon, [[Theo Whittaker | Captain Whittaker]] was taken captive by taller more robust humans after crash landing the [[USS Kumari]]. His companions, Captain's Yeoman Haneer and Security Officer Skalvok are being held elsewhere. Skalvok being severely injured from the crash. [[Theo Whittaker | Captain Whittaker]] meets the leader of the humans, Verne. What will be learned by this exchange?
Danni James, Engineer - played by [[Luna Walker]]
Amala Minks, Helm Officer - played by [[Hal Mika]]
==== MSNPCs ====
Adlynn Verne, leader of the tall humans - played by [[Anath G'Renn]] Nahida, resident of Vadhavul - played by [[Jarred Thoran]]

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