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John Nugra

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Updated link to Genesis award
|Natasha Yar Pin|1
|Genesis BadgeAward|1
|B-Plot Award|2r
|Neelix Award|1
{{Citation|Natasha Yar Pin|238912.24|USS Thunder-A|Named Security officer of the Year (Duty Post Award) for going above and beyond the call of duty to protect the crew and the ship.}}
{{Citation|Neelix Award|238912.24|USS Thunder-A|For selflessly helping out members of the crew to improve their simming quality and standing in the fleet.}}
{{Citation|Genesis BadgeAward|239012.25|USS Thunder-A|For great improvement in simming ability.}}
{{Citation|Rising Star Award|239201.01|USS Victory|[[Awards Ceremony, 2014|2014 Ceremony]].}}
{{Citation|James T. Kirk Cross|239201.01|USS Victory|[[Awards Ceremony, 2014|2014 Ceremony]].}}

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