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John Nugra

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|Explorer's Ribbon|1
|Silver Star|1
}}{{Badge Rack|Featured Bio Nominee|1|Gold Excellence in Training|1|Top Sim Judge|1|FWPA Facilitator|1|Deputy Commandant|1|Fall Festival TeamPeacekeeper Service Ribbon|1|Publicity TeamMaiden Voyage Ribbon|1|Captains Council Magistrate|1|Donor|3|Top Sim Round Winner|1|Awards Committee|2|20th Annual Awards Attendee|1|SOTFA Ship Commendation|1|SOTFA Taskforce Commendation|2
<td align='center'><b>239403.01 - 239404.17</b></td>
<td align='center'>[[The Romani Gambit (Athena)|The Romani Gambit]]</td>
<td align='center'><b>239405.16 - 239407.18</b></td>
{{Citation|First Contact Ribbon|239402.13|Service Ribbon|For First Contact with the [[Dryary Confederation]].}}
{{Citation|Silver Star|239404.28|Service Ribbon|For engaging the [[Agragon Empire|Agragons]] while outnumbered.}}
{{Citation|Peacekeeper Service Ribbon|239408.05|Service Ribbon|For stopping the terrorist attacks on the Dryarian Confederacy.}}
{{Citation|Maiden Voyage Ribbon|239408.05|Service Ribbon|For being aboard the original launch of the {{s|USS|Athena}}.}}
{{Ribbons Display End}}
|{{Badge|Featured Bio Nominee|80}}
|{{Badge|Gold Excellence in Training|80}}
|{{Badge|Top Sim Judge|80}}
|{{Badge|FWPA Facilitator|80}}
|{{Badge|Deputy Commandant|80}}
|{{Badge|Fall Festival Team|80}}
|{{Badge|Publicity Team|80}}
|{{Badge|Captains Council Magistrate|80}}
|{{Badge|Top Sim Round Winner|80}}
|{{Badge|20th Annual Awards Attendee|80}}
|{{Badge|SOTFA Ship Commendation|80}}
|{{Badge|SOTFA Taskforce Commendation|80|2}}
|{{Badge||Awards Committee|80|2}}
{{Heading|SIM Archive|Gold}}

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