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Avronis V

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===Satellites/Space Stations===
Avronis V has one (unnamed) moon, it is glaciated and without atmosphere. There is an environmentally-domed Romulan moon base on this sattelite. There are no other space stations in the system or surrounding area
As of 239109.01 the moon base had its sensors upgraded so it was no longer 'cycle blind' to the planet's surface as the moon rotated. These upgrades were non-classified recommendations from Lieutenant Piers Ambrose on behalf of the USS Columbia to the moon bases' administrator Vhril tr'Lleodah. The purpose of these upgrades was to make the Romulan military aware of illegal alien and Tal Shiar activities on the planet. The parts for the upgrades were delivered to the moon base before the Columbia left orbit.
===Land/Water Ratio===

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