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Avronis V

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After the explosion of the Hobus Star, the Romulan Empire officially halted the dumping of antimatter waste as a show of political goodwill. This was most certainly done to get aid from outside governments, including the Federation. In reality, antimatter dumping only halted on the planets that were close enough to Federation space to be monitored. As Avronis is on the far side of Romulan territory, the policy has always been ‘we don’t care; don’t get caught.’
===Mission Data===
In the [[USS_Columbia_Past_Mission|Things We May Find]] mission, the USS Columbia discovered several key bits of information on Avronis V:
1. Avronis is still being used as an Antimatter waste dump by independent freighters
2. Avronis bears extensive archaeological ruins, including ruins that appear to be from the Iconian civilization
3. There was a group of Tal Shiar agents working on the planet, unbeknownst to the Romulan government (or the waste dumpers)
4. These Tal Shiar agents were working with an unknown alien race. It appeared they were trying to restart the Iconian equipment
5. The Columbia removed the Tal Shiar from the planet by force in order to prevent the gateway from being opened
6. The Columbia worked with the moon base administrator to strengthen the moon base's sensors
7. As the Tal Shiar and the unknown aliens presented an equal threat to the Romulan military as it did to the Columbia, no inquiries were made on what happened on the planet's surface.

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