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Avronis V

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'''Distance to Known Landmark''': Closest is Agurtha Colony, three days out at warp 6. Avronis is less than six days away from the far border of Eryscyne territory, but only if one can successfully navigate the nebula. It is easy to reach with slipstream drive.
'''Nearby Locations of Interest''': There is a Romulan security outpost at the edge of the nebula that monitors anything that might come out of the nebula. The outpost is labeled on star charts as ‘R146.’ It is a manned listening station with a small crew compliment. The outpost orbits a stationary planetoid outside the nebula. It is an older design that is in need to of upgrades and repairs, but still holds defensive and offensive capabilities, including a half dozen small fighter/scout ships that can be called to action if the need arises.
===Planetary Classification:===

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