Sovereign Class Torpedo Launchers

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Sovereign Class Starships
Sovereign Class


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A swivel-mounted torpedo launcher, mounted on the ventral surface of the primary hull, is the latest development in launcher technology to better accommodate the usage of torpedo-based weapons on highly maneuverable starships. Capable of moving 15-degrees port or starboard off the vehicle's primary axis, this new launcher allows for easier tracking of targets at shorter ranges where torpedoes launched from traditional fixed-focus launchers where often unable to track due to the lack of space for course corrections. A custom assembly for the Sovereign class, it is a second-generation automated launcher located on Deck 13 and is capable of preloading six torpedoes for rapid fire.

Four traditional fixed-focus second generation launchers are located within the secondary hull, with the fore and aft covered by two launchers each. The forward launchers, originally developed for the Defiant Class Project, are located beneath the main deflector on Deck 20. Each of these launchers is capable of loading five torpedoes in one salvo, typically launched in an alternating interval to reduce the chance that two projectiles may collide in flight. The aft launchers, located on the underside of the secondary hull on Deck 19, are slightly smaller assemblies capable of loading only one torpedo at a time, each.


Mark IV Photon Torpedoes; Mark Q-II Quantum Torpedoes. Along with the Defiant class, a Sovereign is normally outfitted with both photon and quantum torpedoes capable of being fired from any launcher on the ship. All torpedoes are capable of pattern firing as well as independent launch. Once in-flight, torpedoes are capable of individual targeting through use of onboard sensors and encrypted feeds from the ship's targeting arrays. Should a threat vessel outmaneuver an inbound torpedo, the weapons package can automatically detonate in an effort to impact the vessel with splash damage. Further, each launcher is capable of pattern firing (sierra, etc.) as well as independent launch.


175 Quantum Torpedoes; 325 Photon Torpedoes. Due to the complexities involved with manufacture, the deployment of quantum torpedoes is rationed across a relatively small number of fixed and mobile platforms within Starfleet. Should supplies be unavailable for optimum load out, the ship is capable of carrying a maximum of 500 torpedoes of either type. Shipboard materials in the form of replicated and off-the-shelf components allow for the construction of photon torpedo warheads locally, while quantum torpedoes are only manufactured at secure, undisclosed locations.


Maximum effective range for both the Mark Q-II Quantum Torpedo and Mark IV Photon Torpedo is 4,050,000 kilometers

Primary purpose: Assault

Secondary Purpose: Anti-spacecraft