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Sovereign Class Starships
Sovereign Class


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The Sovereign class currently employs fourteen Type-XII phaser arrays at key locations throughout the ship's hull, although the U.S.S. Monarchy originally launched with Type X flavor of array (though she has since been upgraded to the Type-XII array - This upgrade was rather relatively simple to do, since the design of the Sovereign phaser system took into account the anticipated completion of the then experimental Type-XII emitter). Traditionally the choice defensive weapon onboard Starfleet vessels since close to the dawn of the Federation, the standard emitter makes use of a particular class of superconducting crystals known as fushigi-no-umi, which allow high-speed interactions within atomic nuclei that create a rapid nadion effect, which in turn is directed into a focused beam at a target. The resulting beam is discharged at speeds approaching .986c, and as per standard tactical procedures, the frequencies of these beams are rotated to make it more difficult for a threat vehicle's shields to adjust to the beam. Through the use of ACB jacketed beams, phaser arrays now have limited capabilities in warp environments, though the power output is greatly limited and is by no means as useful as a torpedo weapon in this environment. The Type-XII shipboard array is by far the most powerful phaser to be fielded by a starship to date.


Five dorsal phaser arrays on the primary hull, one extending around the saucer section, giving it an oval appearance. Four more arrays, roughly a quarter of the size of the original, cover the aft dorsal firing arcs and are located along the aft portion of the saucer section. Two ventral phaser arrays on the primary hull, extending around in nearly a half circle on both the starboard and port ventral sides of the saucer section. A single phaser array, harking back to the belly phaser of the Galaxy Class engineering hull, is located along the ventral section of the engineering hull, running perpendicular to the hull.


The Sovereign class utilizes the latest in starship armament technology, the Type XII array system. Each array fires a steady beam of phaser energy, and the forced-focus emitters discharge the phasers at speeds approaching .986c (which works out to about 182,520 miles per second - nearly warp one). The phaser array automatically rotates phaser frequency and attempts to lock onto the frequency and phase of a threat vehicle's shields for shield penetration.


Output: Each phaser array takes its energy directly from the impulse drives and auxiliary fusion generators. Individually, each type XII -emitter can only discharge approximately 8.0 MW (megawatts) per second. However, several emitters (usually two) fire at once in the array during standard firing procedures, resulting in a discharge approximately 16 MW.

Phaser Array Range: Maximum effective range is 300,000 kilometers.

Primary purpose: Assault

Secondary purpose: Defense/anti-spacecraft/anti-fighter