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Ensign Sopek of Vulcan is currently assigned as an engineer to the USS Independence-A.

  • Species: Vulcan
  • Age: 108 Years
  • Complexion: Caucasion complexion, with a slight Olive twinge. thin, wiry, but toned.
  • Hair: Graying Hair
  • Eyes:Green

A swarthy Olive complexion, the Vulcan's age look's to be in his early 40's by human standards. Close cropping of his naturally curly lock's has left Sopek with a brash appearance in the company of other Vulcan's. Regarded as the sign of a troublemaker, the bristly spines of gray hair tell a far deeper take to anyone with knowledge of Vulcan culture.


  • Father: Sevok of Vulcan Refit Analysis technician (retired)
  • Mother: Sopara
  • Siblings: Nepek
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none

Personal History

108 Federation years of age, the stoic Vulcan engineering officer, who has climbed his route up through the enlisted ranks, enduring a repeated on/off relationship with fleet service. Sopek, a lineaged decendent of the first vulcan localised stellar exploration comittee's, has struggled to understand what led his ancestor's to leave Vulcanis in little more than a Copper can tied to an early sublight bottlerocket. A graduate of the Vulcan Engineering Academy's, the last three decade's of Sopek's life have been spent aboard Vulcan frigate's & cruisers. His forefather's took a firm hand in designing & guiding Vulcan's first attempt's at spaceflight nigh a millenia ago. Forced to somberly endure his shame at never living up to the expectations of his Vulcan instructors, Sopek's mannerism's have been known to shift quickly towards perceptible anger, before being reigned in, almost as if nothing has changed within him.

In the recorded opinion of his father, transmitted shortly after Sopek's departure from Vulcan space. Sevok stated Sopek had, in a defiant stroke of displayable emotion, acted irrationally , and applied to Starfleet Academy's Officer candidacy program. Expecting his background to censure him from the harshness & humiliations often associated with young academic life. Starfleet Academy held other idea's. Undergoing a decade of intense study & reflection, the former enlisted man, has found a new wealth of dedication to his work. Harboring an interest in the theoretical design aspect's of the engineering sciences, Sopek has lain design work he believes will prove groundbreaking if allowed to undergo real world trials.

Sopek of Vulcan had vocally objected to the time required to the upper chains of command for the Command Cruise, implying unnecessary distraction from his collegiate studies to parade before the cosmos, with pomp & circumstance. Quoting liberally from his lengthy argument before the Academy Board, Sopek described "Starfleet's repetitive need for display's of dedication to the cause."

The board overseeing the Vulcan's argument took a few short moments to parlay,and levied a resounding denial of request. The Academy Commandant's decision stood. All Fleet personnel in consideration for Officer candidate school, and thereby ranking within the formal chain of Starfleet Command, shall be required to submit to the command of, and deploy with the officer's of their association.

Sopek returned to his Academy quarter's a defeated individual, the detail & time required to firmly argue his needed case for excusal had resulted in the disruption of his studies, not to mention his theoretical patchwork simulation trials. His only recourse if he hoped to graduate the academy & continue his design work, would be to deploy into the depths of space, with the often times illogical officer's & candidates that had formed his curriculum brethren.

Sopek's parent's were an odd mixture of Vulcan society, His father, a Vulcan refit analyst had served for the better part of a century within the fleet's repair & restocking jurisdiction, aboard a dilapidated refit & construction mooring station orbiting just outside 40 Eridani's gravitational field. Service to Vulcan society, kept his father deployed for long stretches of time throughout Sopek's childhood, As many as six years were known to pass in between visit's with his entire family. Raised within his mother's familial homestead, in the company of his mother's parent's, Sopek was reared upon stories from his grandfather, and the elder's of the province.

Historical tales of Vulcan explorer's passed along at Sopek's childlike insistence, yet well away from the earshot of his mother, cemented a course within him, that would carry with him for the better part of the next century. His decision to witness these factual exhibitions of their tales led him to Exo-orbital work, and the mechanics of just such a career to facilitate the journey. During the brief two year war versus the Dominion Invaders of the Alpha Quadrant, Sopek has been given much grief from his Academy classmate's for having chosen to reenlist, with the Vulcannian planetary defense forces, instead of Starfleet Academy.

Professional History

  • 238508.23 Graduated Starfleet Academy

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