Siance Thyar

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USS Constitution-B
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Siance Thyar
Position Counselor
Rank Ensign
Species Trill
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
DOB 237304.08
Age 28
Birthplace Trill

Ensign Siance Thyar is a recently graduated Counselor on the USS Constitution-B. She is in process of deciding on her specialty.


  • Height: 5.9
  • Hair: blonde, long
  • Eyes: dark blue


  • Mother: Philanera Thyar, Waitress
  • Father: Suril Wenar, *Deceased 2392, former host of the Rajel Symbiont - This information is not in her IC file yet
  • Siblings: None
  • Friends: Ozameen Malyz, Saveron, An anonymous penpal (Tann Ilix)


  • Food and Drink: Tries it all and doesn't have a favourite. She saw what alcohol can do to people when she grew up and while she drinks sometimes, she never has more than a glass or two.


Siance was born on Trill. Her mother Philanera, usually called Phila, was a hard working waitress, making the best of what she had and tried to give Siance everything she needed. As single mother it never was easy but she managed. Phila suffered from Depression and Anxiety Disorder, but never received the help she needed, mostly because she didn't seek it. The few times in which she actually did it didn't seem to help.

Seeing her mother like that later lead to her desire to make sure that everyone who needed help would get it, and decided to become a Psychologist and enrolled to begin her studies.

Siance would have been content to remain on Trill and learn her profession there, if her mother had not decided to tell her more about her father, whom Siance had never met. Having a name and after countless hours of research, she found him and wanted to travel to find him. But not wanting to neglect her studies and her goal she applied for Starfleet Academy's on board education system with a certain goal in mind. The USS Constitution. And luck smiled upon her as - after entrance exams and tests - her request was granted and after her second year she was transferred to the Constitution.

After several months on the Constitution Siance finally met her father through pure chance. In the same moment she learned that the man she thought was on board (Suril) had died and his symbiont was now in the Captain Jalana Rajel. She didn't disclose this to Jalana, but poured her heart out to her mentor/supervisor Saveron and finally informed herself about Suril more than just reading his name.

2397 was a turbulent year for the young Trill. After being on board of the Constitution for three years she finally disclosed her identity to Jalana Rajel with the help of Saveron, who was not sure what to do about that piece of information. It took more than half a year before Jalana was finally ready to talk with Siance about it and Siance got many answers to her many questions and began to form a relationship with the new host of her father's symbiont. In the second half of year she also entered her final exams and on SD 239711.07 she received the news that not only had she passed and was now an Ensign, but also that she was to stay on the Constitution as part of the Counseling department.


Year Position Rank
2393 Starfleet Academy
STO Cadet4th Teal.jpg
2394 Starfleet Academy
STO Cadet3rd Teal.jpg
2395 USS Constitution-B - Counseling
STO Cadet2nd Teal.jpg
2396 USS Constitution-B - Counseling
STO Cadet1st Teal.jpg
November 2397 USS Constitution-B - Counseling
STO Ensign Teal.jpg