Tann Ilix

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USS Constitution-B
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Tann Ilix
Position Intelligence
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Tandaran
Gender Male
DOB 237402.21
Age 27
Birthplace Tandar Prime, Dara Tola

Lieutenant JG Ilix is currently serving as an Intelligence officer aboard the USS Constitution-B.


  • Name: Tann Ilix
  • Age: 23
  • Birth Stardate: 237402.21
  • Birthplace: Tandar Prime
  • Hometown: Dara Tola
  • Species: Tandaran


  • Height: 5'11"
  • Hair: Dark brown, short
  • Eyes: Light blue


  • Mother: Lumina Ilix
  • Father: Hetch Ilix
  • Siblings: Selrena Ilix (Younger sister, 19); Evho Ilix (Older brother, 29)


Tann was born just outside the city Dara Tola in 2374. A large urban center nestled at the edge of one of Tandar Prime's larger rainforests. Part of the city's western sprall is built in and among the rainforest itself, a series of expansive paths both ground level and elevated run through a square kilometer of the forest's border. It was here among the idyllic city that the young Tandaran grew up. Both parents, Lumina and Hetch Ilix were and still are reserve wardens for the Dara Tola Preserve. His mother being a ornithologist/botanist and his father a zoologist/architect helped design and operate the reserve. Tann spent a lot of time studying the fauna and flora around him, seeing how they react to the environment around him. By the time he became a teenager he realized that his study of the being with more basic instincts let him understand sentient life with a bit more clarity. Seeing how their minute mannerisms gave little tells, hints as to how they truly felt, or acted. Such insight lead the young Tandaran to have a strong sense of curiosity, as well as knowing more often than not when someone was being misleading, or deceitful. In 2391 Tann, to the surprise of his parents and siblings, enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Having his own reasons for wanting to join Starfleet, which he's kept vague even from his family, he was accepted to the Academy and spent the last four years in study to join the Intelligence department. During such time his hard, often gruff and blunt demeanor alienated him from many of his fellow cadets, though he did have one or two he considered friends. Tann has found it difficult to connect with others, being able to read them so well and with his generally curious and suspicious nature. Tann now finds himself on the Constitution-B, the second most famous ship of her class and eager to show his worth.