Shuttle Huai'Hai

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Ship Details

  • Ship Name: Shuttle Craft Huai'Hai
  • Ship Registry: NCC-34523
  • Ship Class: Type-11 Heavy Shuttle
  • Ship Status: Active

The Huaihai Campaign or Battle of Hsupeng or also the Battle of Xu-Bang was a military action during 1948 and 1949 that was the determining battle of the Chinese Civil War. It was one of the few conventional battles of the war. 550,000 troops of the Republic of China (under the Kuomintang) were surrounded in Xuzhou (Hsuchow) and destroyed by the communist People's Liberation Army (PLA). This campaign is one of the three campaigns that marked the end of Nationalist dominance in northern China, the other two campaigns being Liaoshen and Pingjin.

Stardate: 238605.30

On this day the Shuttle Craft Huai'Hai was brought to the USS Ronin by a small squad of 501st Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group Intelligence Personnel, sent to reinforce the urgent demand for more Internal Security.