Shuttle Chin'toka

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Ship Details

  • Ship Name: Shuttle Craft Chin'toka
  • Ship Registry: NCC-34523
  • Ship Class: Type-11 Heavy Shuttle
  • Ship Status: Destroyed

The Chin'toka is a Type-11 Heavy Shuttle assigned to the USS Ronin, named after the Battle of Chin'toka. The Chin'toka system is a star system located inside Cardassian space, near the Federation border. The system contains at least four planets, two of which -- Chin'toka II and Chin'toka III -- are inhabited. During the Dominion War, the system was the location of two major engagements between the Federation Alliance and the Dominion-Cardassian alliance.

Stardate 238601.07

On Stardate 238601.07 the shuttle was used to isolate/reduce exposure of infected Vulcan personnel from the outbreak of Trellium exposure.

Stardate 238605.27

On Stardate 238605.27 the shuttle was used in the evacuation of the USS Ronin, after it became apparent the Romulans could be planning an attack on the almost defenceless USS Ronin Captain Walker gave the order for all Shuttle Craft and Fighters to attack the Romulans with everything they had. During this attack Shuttle Craft Chin'toka was destroyed with all hands, due to the evacuation it is estimated that 5 Starfleet Personnel gave their lives to save the USS Ronin, part of the overall 89 lives lost that day.