Shrin'Tahla Zh'Aim

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Shrin'Tahla Zh'Aim is currently serving as an FNS Reporter aboard the USS Constitution-B.

Personal Details

USS Constitution-B
STO Blank Black.jpg
STO Blank Black.jpg
Shrin'Tahla Zh'Aim
Position FNS Reporter
Rank Civilian
Species Andorian
Gender Zhen
DOB 236406.12
Age 33
Writer ID Saveron


Personnel Profile

  • Height: 6'3
  • Hair: white, short and wavy,
  • Eyes: violet
  • Markings: Just a little makeup


  • Parents:
    • Tal'Kora Th'Aim - thaan father, Journalist
    • Tofrini Ch'Vetan - chan father, Diplomat
    • Kaprihira Sh'Tiln - shen mother, Professional Athlete
    • Shrin'Behra Zh'Aim - zhen mother, Librarian
  • Marital Status: promised in an arranged Andorian marriage with a thaan (Ish Th'Zarin), a chan (Ishreth Dal) and a shen (Zylandra Sh'Prelleon)
  • Children: One, from a previous quad that dissolved.