Ish Th'Zarin

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USS Constitution-B
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Ish Th'Zarin
Position Helm Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Andorian
Gender Thaan Male
DOB 236808.09
Age 32
Birthplace New Laikan, Weytahn
Writer ID C239402CJ0

Ensign Ishrerynya “Ish” Th'Zarin is currently serving as an Helm Officer aboard the USS Constitution-B.

LCARS Starfleet Personnel Profile

  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 170 lb
  • Hair: white, brushed back
  • Eyes: light blue
  • Build: lean and muscular
  • Face: sharp, calculating, constantly darting about, analyzing his surroundings
  • Carriage: cocky, swaggering, aggressive
  • Off-Duty Clothing: usually a tank top (to show off his arms) and a pair of tight athletic pants
  • Voice: grumbling, a little petulant when he's annoyed
  • Handedness: right-handed
  • Personal Quarters: a small single-bed room, a few Andorian decorations sent by his family, some posters from his favourite bands, a large, luxurious bed that can fit four comfortably
  • Personal Effects/Decorations: a picture of three out of four of his parents standing in front of the family freighter

LCARS Starfleet Personnel Biography

  • Parents:
    • Shress Th'Zarin - thaan father, provided gamete to fertilize egg, main engineer on the Black Atlirith
    • Rol Ch'Volnik - chan father, provided gamete to fertilize egg, member of the Andorian Imperial Guard
    • Jhishia Sh'Zarin - shen mother, provided egg, closest biological relative, pilot of the Black Atlirith
    • Captain Sollo Zh'Ozathrit - zhen mother, mother who carried Ish to term, a merchant baron who has made the Black Atlirith infamous in the Weytahn system
  • Siblings: none
  • Marital Status: promised in an arranged Andorian marriage with a chan, a shen (Zylandra Sh'Prelleon) and a zhen (Shrin'Tahla Zh'Aim)
  • Children: none

Ishrerynya Okythaath Kiral “Ish” Th'Zarin was born on Weytahn but spent a significant portion of his childhood aboard the Black Atlirith, a clan Zarin heavily armed freighter. Depending on which of his mothers or fathers you ask, the Atlirith is a humble merchant vessel, a smuggler or an Andorian privateer.

The bondgroup that would produce Ish was made up of children from four merchant families on Weytahn, all part of or closely allied with Clan Zarin, one of the first and proudest houses of the Andorian Weytahn colony. While the Zarin bondgroup had been arranged early in their lives, Ish’s parents were quite close and affectionate; save for Rol, who performed his parental duty before enlisting in the Imperial Guard and returning to Andor.

Ish took after his mothers, who were both headstrong and dedicated to the Black Atlirith. Jhishia had him piloting the freighter at a young age, though it was technically against Andorian regulation. At the height of the Dominion War the Black Atlirith was making constant supply runs for the Andorian military, including several close calls with Cardassian warships.

Starfleet Academy

"I was flying my family's freighter against Cardassian warships before I was out of diapers. So do your worst, pinkskin."

Ish applied for Starfleet Academy three times before being accepted, as his astrogation, piloting and engineering skills were advanced, but he lacked education in other areas.

He began his studies at the Andoria annex of Starfleet Academy before being transferred to the Earth campus in recognition of his exceptional skill as a pilot. He focused on piloting, astrogation, survival/tactical and engineering, and was popular among his peers, despite his quick temper. He was given leadership over Nova Squadron, the Academy's elite flight team, where he cultivated a reputation as a hotshot pilot.

Ish wanted to continue his training in Starfleet Marine Basic School, but psychological evaluations found the cadet too impulsive and aggressive for Marine Combat Pilot Training, and it was suggested he spend some time in a non-combat assignment before applying for marine training at a later date. He resented the decision being made for him, and craves opportunities to flex his considerable skills as a combat pilot.

Psychological Evaluation

Referral Question: Cadet Ishrerynya Th'Zarin was referred to the examiner for an initial psychological evaluation for consideration to enrol in Marine Officer Training. The examiner has submitted her full evaluation, but includes her initial observations and recommendations below.

Observations: Ish, as he prefers to be called, was immediately and vocally dismissive of the counselling process, especially in relation to his application for Marine Officer Training. He believed from the get-go that his pilot skills alone would carry him into the training, and didn't seem receptive to the idea that a Marine also needs balanced strategies for their own mental health.

I attempted to ask him about his family. He is especially close with his mothers, a freighter pilot and the ship's captain, although he has a healthy relationship with one of his fathers as well. He was reticent, even angered by my questions about his chan father, who is in the Andorian Imperial Guard and has had little to do with the family since Ish's birth. Questions about contacting his chan father were rebuffed, and Ish was angered at questions about the emotional effect of his chan father's absence. Aside from learned behaviour, these unresolved problems appear to be at the root of a significant amount of this talented young pilot's aggression.

I have read reports of the results of this unchecked anger and aggression. Ish has ended up in fights with fellow cadets who challenge his skill and authority, and his recklessness has been noted by a handful of his instructors, although this has never been enough of an issue to revoke his flight status. He is a natural leader, and speaks fondly of his work with the Academy's Nova Squadron. Flying makes him happy, that much is very clear, but this is not balanced with other introspective interests.

Recommendations: As I have outlined in my full report, I am advising that the Marine faculty defer Cadet Th'Zarin's acceptance into training for a period of one to two years. I believe experiences in a non-combat role would benefit the cadet, and hopefully under the mentorship of a starship's command staff he will become a more well-rounded, composed officer. If that happens, I would endorse his application whole-heartedly.

Lt. Commander Reesona Ihaa, MD,

Counsellor, Starfleet Academy, San Francisco

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239205.01 Graduated Starfleet Academy Helm/Nav
Ensign 239205.01 - 239404.30 USS Archon-B Helm/Nav
Ensign 239404.30 - Present USS Constitution-B Helm/Nav

Starfleet Command Career Summary

Ensign Ish Th'Zarin was assigned to the USS Archon (Defiant-class) following his cadet cruise, where he served as a helm/nav officer. He was officially reprimanded for endangering the lives of his fellow officers while flying a shuttle during a face-off against an Orion Syndicate vessel. His Commanding Officer opted to transfer Ensign Th'Zarin to a non-combat focused ship, which is how he found himself assigned to the USS Constitution, on a diplomatic mission in the Marchlands.