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Lt. Cmdr. Salak
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((Deck 3, USS Wallace))

::Salak walked along what to him was the most familiar corridor on board for the first time since the bombing, still uncertain as to what exactly would greet him at his destination. Recent events had conspired to prevent him from inspecting the damage to his quarters, at the core of the section which his department were "rebuilding". Whatever did greet him, he could not allow emotion to overwhelm him, feeling such a response would be as inappropriate for a Vulcan or a head of department as much as it would be illogical. ::

::As he neared what had been his quarters, the sounds and smells of workmenship filled the corridor, two key supports being repaired by the engineers. The basic framework would soon be complete and the gaping hole in the otherwise pristine hull would be filled. Debris and engineering tools littered the floor, soon to be joined by a bulkhead cut away from its' position dangling from the ceiling. The young Vulcan glanced around the wreckage; wreckage which included splinters of the dining table, chips of his meditation lamp and a badly scarred image of his family... ::

::The repair crews seemed to have the situation under control, the remains of his quarters were in the process of being removed and the SIF had been reconfigured to compensate for the extent of the damage. Off duty; Salak returned to his home on the station, a home which he still had not acclimatised to. Crates of belongings still lined his lounge ready for transfer to the Wallace. In the privacy of his own quarters, the Vulcan could let his emotions run, be irrational, yet... he'd anticipated there to be little left, he'd prepared for there to be little left. Had he expected his quarters to be intact then there wouldn't be crates of replacement belongings littering his station quarters... ::

::Instead of venting his emotions, Salak instead instructed the computer to play some music to help focus and soothe his feelings. He did not want to confide with Joran, not yet anyway... so instead Salak did as he usually did. With a cup of Spice Tea by his side, the Chief Engineer sat down at his desk with a PADD and started to review Warp Core schematics. ::

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