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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Za NCC 65305
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((Engineering -- UHS Pathfinder))

She was just dropping down to begin work when an alert on her PADD caught her attention. Her brow furrowed as she scanned the note briefly

// To: Commander Blair, Lieutenant Rosek, LtCmdr Fiorr From: Dr. Skyfire

Proximity to the bears means you've all been exposed, though I pray none of you have been infected. Initial symptoms might include nausea, anxiety, heat flashes, absence seizures (staring spells), severe thirst, headache, slight fever.

CD //

Rosek: Fiorr, give me a hand with this please. ::grabs a hyperspanner:: I'm going to try to boost the signal and I need you to watch the readings. If it starts looking like I'm going to blow a conduit, give me a poke.

Fiorr: You are risking a blowing conduit on an alien ship? Is that wise?

Cjunr: I must ask that you do not harm the Pathfinder in any way. No, I insist.

Within moments, she’d managed to isolate the problem. Now it was just a matter of doing some fine-tuning. She picked up the hyperspanner to make the adjustments when a sharp pain in her hand caught her by surprise, causing her to gasp and release the tool, which fell to the deck with a ‘clang’.::

Fiorr: Good work looks like it's… ::he heard something drop:: an electric shock?

Blair: ?

Rosek: ::rubs the back of her hand and murmurs:: Not sure. It felt like something bit me.

Fiorr: Right… I think we all know that what means…. ::scans her hand:: Yep… that’s a bite. Can't tell you if you are infected. I’d need a medical tricorder for that. But I fear the worst… but it's not like we weren’t infected already so let's get this done and be on our way.

Remembering Chythar's note, Lael scanned it again. Her eyes closed as she realized she was so screwed. She pecked out a quick reply.::

// To: Dr. Skyfire, Cmdr. Blair, LtCmdr. Fiorr Cc: LtCmdr. Williams From: Dr. Skyfire

Could have used this information when the Captain was first informed. Hate to say, but I think I just got a bite. The Hocktin I asked for the blood sample doesn't seem to be up for giving it. You might need to pursue other avenues. I'll keep you informed.

Lt. Rosek //

Cjunr: I think perhaps you are all mistaken. We have no communicable diseases...

Rosek: ::nods:: Almost done. ::she picked up another small instrument:: The sooner we get this done--

She was cut off by a sudden wave of dizziness followed by a sharp pain in her head that, if she hadn’t already been kneeling, would have brought her to her knees.::

Rosek: ::mutters:: What the hell…?

Fiorr: Looks like you’ve done enough for today. I’ll take over. Get some rest

Blair: ?

Cjunr: Are you feeling well?

Rosek: ::shakes her head:: I just got really dizzy all of a sudden.


Fiorr: That would be my guess as well. Perhaps we can take her to a local hospital?

Cjnur: I'm afraid I do not know that word. I can send for a medic, if you wish.

Rosek: Chythar was asking for blood samples for research related to the virus. The dizziness happened in awful close proximity to that sharp pain for it to be a coincidence, I think.

Fiorr: That might be….

Lael opened her mouth to reply but was cut off by the chirp of a combadge.::

Williams: =/\= Williams to Blair. Please come in commander =/\=

Blair: ?

Williams: =/\= Glad to hear it. It seems the captain and her team are less fortunate. They have been taken to a bunker and we lost contact with them. =/\=

Blair: ?

Fiorr: =/\= Fiorr here Sir, looks like bunker is built with some heavy metals. It's blocking my tricorder too. Could be nothing. =/\=

Williams: =/\= Yes, I am aware of the compounds construction but we just got more data. They seem to be unconscious. I’d like you and your team back here if that’s possible. I can use a few hands up here. =/\=

Blair: ?

Fiorr: =/\= Sir, before you beam back I think it's best you know about our condition. Rosek has been bitten by one of the bugs. It's safe to assume she is infected. We could all be infected as well. Wouldn’t it be better to wait here?

Blair: ?

Williams: =/\= Very well. Za out =/\=

Fiorr: What should we do now? Head over to the bunker? Make sure they are ok? If not we risk ending up in trouble too and they still wouldn’t know a thing. Perhaps sending one of us is best? Or simply give them some time?

Lael tensed as she saw Cjnur's hand go to his weapon and she had to fight the urge to go for hers. A fire fight in this tin can wasn't a good idea. More than likely, they'd be shot by their own weapons' fire.::

Cjnur: I believe you should join me, actually. ::he bared his teeth in what he hoped was a threatening smile:: You really see these buildings where the others are being kept.

Rosek: o0 I'd rather not with you as the tour guide. 0o

Blair/Fiorr: ?

A scowl formed on Lael's lips as the creature pointed it's weapon at Alex, ready to knock Alex out of the way if necessary. She'd be damned if she was just going to stand by at let Alex get shot.::

Cjunr: I'm afraid I must insist, really.

She glanced at Alex and Fiorr before her gaze fell to the weapon in Cjunr's hand. Likely, he was a pretty good shot with that thing. They had to gain the upper hand somehow...her gaze flicked briefly to the other two guards, who seemed to take Cjunr's alpha display at face value. They clearly were more relaxed, thinking that he had the situation well in hand. Still holding close to Alex, she kicked out for the nearest guard's knee, then shoving Alex out of the line of fire before knocking the the guard to his back, incapacitating him with a single jab to its throat.::
She felt a searing pain in her shoulder, gasping momentarily.::

Blair/Fiorr: ?

((Will backsimm this...))

They had the lone creature at a distinct disadvantage, with two other weapons now trained on him.::

Rosek: Care to place a wager on who shoots who first?

Blair/Fiorr: Response

Cjunr: You'll regret this...

Rosek: ::clutches her shoulder and mutters:: Not likely.

Blair/Fiorr: Response

Rosek: ::murmurs:: We should find the others. Strength in numbers.

Blair: Response

Rosek: ::nods:: Agreed, sir.

Blair/Fiorr: Response


Lieutenant Lael Rosek, Eng.D. HCO Officer USS Za I238110RHO