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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Za NCC 65305
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((Justio Province, Hocktin))

With a plan laid out and with a little help from President Longza, Alex and his team made their way from the Space Center to the Justio province. Somewhere within this province the Marshall had Captain Rhani and her team hidden and Alex was determined to find her.::

Blair: Rosek, you’ve got the map. Which way to the section we wanted to search?

A bout of cramps took her by surprise and she fought to keep it from showing. Her lips formed as thin line as she studied the tricorder.::

Rosek: There’s still some interference, but.. ::points in the general direction:: I believe that direction.

Alex nodded as a wave of nausea washed over him.::

Longza: Let’s not delay, every moment we give Numiz gives him more opportunity to cause irreparable harm.

Rosek: ::nods:: We need to get to the away team before it’s too late.


Alex pushed through his nausea to speak.::

Blair: Then let’s go.

Somehow, despite the virus that was trying to overtake him, Alex found the strength to carry on. As they moved deeper and deeper into the realm of Numiz, the team had to begin dodging patrols from the Marshall’s army, but eventually they arrived near the sea and a building that was partially built into a mountainside.::

Blair: This looks promising. ::looks at Rosek:: Are you reading anything on the tricorder?

She glanced in Alex’s direction. It was clear that he was struggling...even if the emotions weren’t rolling off of him in waves. It was beyond his control and hers so she tried to simply ignore them despite the anxiety building in her chest.::

Rosek: The readings are still pretty vague, but we seem to be going in the right direction.

Fiorr: ?

Longza: Yes I recall seeing images of this particular place. The Marshall has retreated here for a number of years. My people have never had a need to come here however, so we have no idea what it is that he does while here.

Alex nodded as the studied the structure that was a few hundred meters away. After a few moments, Alex’s experience as a Marine kicked in and a tactical plan started to form in his mind.::

Blair: My gut instinct tells me that we’ve found the right place.

Lael studied the location, her sharp gaze looking for any indications that they would indeed find their colleagues here. While there were no obvious signs, she trusted Alex’s judgement.::

Rosek: ::nods:: Agreed.

Fiorr: ?

Blair: We’re going to need to infiltrate the building to confirm.

She searched for any weaknesses--structural or otherwise--arching an eyebrow when she noted a second entry that appeared unguarded. She then glanced at her tricorder. While the technology was still being finicky, she was able to determine that the particular section was in fact unguarded.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: There are a couple lifesigns, but none by that door. ::points::

Fiorr: ?

Longza: But we have such a small team, how will this be possible.

Alex forced a smile.::

Blair: Mister President, you would be amazed what a small Starfleet team can be capable of. Besides, we just need to confirm that the captain is there. Once we do, we’ll turn everything over to the people aboard our ship.

Longza: I will take your word for it Commander. Do you have a plan?

Alex nodded.::

Blair: I want you and your guards to cover the….

Alex froze as he couldn’t think of the word.::

Blair: Cover the...doors… We’ll go inside and snoop around.

Lael frowned, recalling aphasia as one of the symptoms. Alex’s struggle was alarming.::

Fiorr: ?

Blair: Commander, Lieutenant, ready?

Her attention wandered for a moment. Staying focused was getting harder by the moment. The cramps were intensifying. She was afraid that her legs, already unstable, would collapse under her before they could complete the mission.::

Rosek: ::nods and replies breathily:: Yes, sir.

Fiorr: ?

Alex nodded and started moving. With each step he took Alex’s physical condition seemed to worsen, but he was determined to see this action to it’s end. When they arrived at the door, Alex stopped moving long enough to pull out his phaser and felt a terrible burning sensation in both of his legs.::

Blair: Looks like you were right Lieutenant, no guards. ::pause:: Why don’t you lead us in?

Lael nodded and took point, her gaze searching in case she was wrong about those lifesigns.::

Fiorr: ?

Rosek: ::murmurs:: So far so good.

Alex took the opportunity to be the last one in as he had to force his legs to move and ignore the burning. Once he stepped inside, he pulled out his tricorder and was completely surprised by what he found.::

Blair: Are you seeing this? I’m not picking up any interference.

Rosek: ::frowns:: That’s odd. The box seems to only block outside signals from getting in.

Fiorr: ?

Alex looked down at his tricorder again and realized that it was shaking. Surprised, he looked again and realized it wasn’t the tricorder shaking but the arm attached to it.::

Blair: It looks like some kind of….of….crude transport inhibitor too. ::pause:: I think we need to shut it down.

Lael frowned. She wanted to tell him to sit down and rest, but they couldn’t. Not until they had the Captain. She nodded and knelt beside it, working quickly. An initial examination of the device revealed that Alex’s assessment was correct. The device was rather primitive and would be fairly easy to disable. As she worked, she stole occasional glances at Alex. The symptoms were distracting and very uncomfortable, yes, but Alex’s symptoms appeared to be far more severe than hers. She grimaced, hoping that she didn’t have to carry him out of here.::

Fiorr: ?

Alex watched as Rosek knelt down and started working on the device. As she worked, Alex tried to focus on what she was doing, but was having a hard time.::

Rosek: ::nods:: I’ve almost got it. Just one more… ::cuts a wire:: There. That should do it.

As Rosek cut the final wire, Alex felt a strange sensation in his legs and the next thing he knew he was lying face first on the floor.::

Blair: Ugh…

Fiorr: ?

Lael rushed to Alex’s side, helping him to stand, pulling one of his arms across her shoulders, leaning them both against a nearby wall.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: Damn virus. Did you break anything?

She was a bit unsteady herself, but thankfully she was able to support his weight and hers.::
As Rosek helped him to his tried to take stock of his condition but aside from some blood coming from his nose he couldn’t tell.::

Blair: I don’t know.

She ripped a piece off the sleeve of her uniform and offered it to him.::

Rosek: Pinch your nose with this and tilt your head back a little. It’ll help stop the bleeding.

She secured an arm around his waist as they waited for the bleeding to stop.::
Alex gratefully accepted the makeshift bandage and follow Rosek’s instructions in applying it to his nose.::

Rosek: ::taps her combadge:: =/\=Rosek to Bridge.=/\=

Anyone: =/\=Response=/\=

Rosek: =/\=We’ve managed to disable a device that we believe was interfering with transport. Are you able to get a lock on the Captain and the others?=/\=

Anyone: =/\=Response=/\=

Rosek: =/\=Get them out of here first. Beam them directly to Sickbay.=/\=

Anyone: =/\=Response=/\=

Fiorr: ?

She turned to Alex.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: Hang in there. We’re up next.

Alex was vaguely aware of someone talking to him, but didn’t respond as his gaze was fixed staring at nothing. After a few moments, Alex felt the embrace of a transporter beam before his world changed to the view of the Za’s sickbay.::
The holographic doctor was running around like a chicken without a head, much like his aspiring assistant Greywin. Both men were engaged in dispensing the cure to their colleagues. Greywin was singing quietly to himself in French while the Bajoran hologram was just silent. ::

Blair: ::quietly:: Good job Lael….

Rosek: ::smiles softly:: You didn’t do so bad yourself, sir.



Commander Alex Blair Chief Engineer USS Za T238906AB0


Lieutenant Lael Rosek, Eng.D. HCO Officer USS Za NCC-65305 Training Team/Podcast Team I238110RH0