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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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(( Main Lodge, Mindirra Mountain Range, Palanon ))

As the music began, Dassa moved through the crowd first to find Lael, her hot chocolate in one hand, her other grasping Tobian's as she pulled him through the crowd.::
Lael stared at the boxes containing her awards. Full lieutenant. Finally. A sudden murmur behind her made her jump and she turned abruptly to find Jansen there.::

Orrey: Congratulations, Lieutenant.

Rosek: ::smiles:: Thanks. ::teases:: I suppose since I'm now officially your superior officer, I'll be hearing more "ma'am"s from you.

Orrey: ::Jansen laughed some and raised his glass.:: Don't hold your breath sweetheart.

Lael's smile widened at the familiar banter.::

Orrey: ::Nodding some.:: I have some people I want to talk to but when we get back up I'd like to get together. I have a holiday gift for you.

Rosek: ::arches an eyebrow:: Oh? What a coincidence. I have a gift for you, too.

In truth, she'd had it since before the whole debacle between them. She'd ordered it the moment they'd arrived on Earth after a year over there. She'd even paid extra to have it customized and expedited. A familiar face slipped through the crowd toward her.::
Dassa found her friend and placed her empty cup on the nearby table, hugging her friend tightly.::

Alexander: Congratulations, Lae! I'm so happy for you!

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: Yeah, finally. ::kisses her cheek:: Congratulations on your awards, too, Dassa. I know the last mission was really tough on you.

Alexander: Thank you. And it really was.

She pulled back, again grasping Tobian's hand tightly and pecking him on the lips.::
Seeing Chythar and Alex, she smiled. ::

Alexander: ::To Tobian:: Come on, darling. Let's say hello.

Dalton: Response

Rosek: I'll come with you.

Though Lael had spoken to Chythar before the ceremony, she didn't want to stand in the corner alone. This was a time to be celebrating with friends. As they approached, Tobian spoke first.::

Dalton: Congrats, gentlemen.

Alexander: ::grins:: Congratulations, Alex. ::gives Chythar a one-armed hug:: Congratulations, Chythar. ::kisses his cheek:: I know those Purple Hearts aren't easy to receive, but you earned it. ::teases:: Maybe now Hallbjorn and I will be able to convince you to carry some kind of weapon to defend yourself with.

Skyfire: Remind me next time we have coffee to explain myself on that subject...

Dalton: You want to talk about any of that?

Both Lael and Dassa sensed how Chythar felt about that idea.::

Alexander: ::To Tobian:: ::teases:: Turn it off, darling. We're here to relax and enjoy ourselves. Leave poor Chythar be.

Rosek: ::grins wryly:: I have two, Chythar, so I'm right up there with you.

Blair: I was just trying to tell him not to look at it as being hurt. Look at it as being honored for his willingness to sacrifice anything for his ideals.

Skyfire: ::to Tobian:: No. How about we change the subject? :: then he turned to Lael, the new lieutenant on the ship, whom he sensed before she got close enough to touch. :: Congrats to you, lass. You've earned this.

Rosek: ::jokes:: I've earned it a couple times over with all the crap I went through over there.

Dassa thought it was, most of the original Gorkon crew called the other verse over there. Glancing at Lael, she supposed there was a good reason for she might never really understand.::

Blair: Well, congrats. You’ve definitely earned it, regardless of what happened there.

Alexander: So what are everyone's plans for the rest of shoreleave?

Blair: Plans...just one. Staying clear of you and hot tubs.

Dassa nudged him playfully, laughing.::

Alexander: That one wasn't entirely my fault. In fact, it was Lael's brilliant idea.

Rosek: ::scoffs:: How was I supposed to know Chythar can't hold his liquor? It was supposed to be good fun.

Skyfire: Gettin' this checked out :: holding up his injured wrist :: and spendin' time with Alex. No other plans.

Dalton: Nope.

Alexander: ::arches an eyebrow:: ::to Chythar:: You really are an accident magnet, aren't you?

Anyone: Response

Alex laughed.::

Blair: Really, no big plans here. It wouldn’t be fun if it was all planned out would it.

Skyfire: Remember, no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

Blair: Another run or two down the slopes would be good with me though.

Skyfire: Ah'll leave yeh to it, Alex. Much fun as Ah had, Ah probably willnae be goin' anywhere near the slopes, except to wait for you at the bottom with the cocoa.

Rosek: ::sighs:: Actually, I'll probably be heading back to the ship in the morning, so for me vacation is over. Got way too much paperwork.

Alexander: ::grimaces:: Nearly ran over O'Malley earlier. I think I'm over skiing for this trip. ::leans on Tobian:: We'll probably just take some time to ourselves. ::grins at Tobian:: Right, darling? ::to the others:: He's not too keen on the cold. ::squeezes Tobian's arm playfully:: Maybe we can check out the hot tub, aye?

Dalton: Response

Rosek: ::nods at his wrist:: What did you do to it anyway?

Skyfire: Sprained it during snowboard lessons.

Rosek: ::to Alex:: ::teases:: Bet this isn't quite what you signed up for, huh? ::smiles::

Blair: Response

Rosek: ::laughs:: Don't get me's worth all the trouble keeping him around. But he really should have his own private patient room in Sickbay by now.

Skyfire/Blair/Dalton: Response

-- LtJG Dassa Alexander, ChD, PD, PDS Medical Officer USS Gorkon I238110RH0