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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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OOC: Takes place after Lael & Jansen’s “Christmas Gifts and Deep Conversations”

((Time Jump: The evening after the awards ceremony)) ((Rosek’s Quarters, USS Gorkon))

It was the first break she’d gotten in days...and she had promised she’d comm him as soon as she could. She paused a moment before keying in the commands.::

Computer: ::chirps:: Contacting.

His face appeared on the screen and she smiled, speaking to him in Esperanto, the official language of Luraul, the Al-Leyan homeworld.::

Rosek: Hello, father.

Aldek smiled in return.::

A. Desai: Hello, daughter. Are you well?

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: I’m managing. You?

A. Desai: Not bad...considering.

Rosek: Another tough day of negotiations?

A. Desai: ::grins wryly:: ‘Tough’ is an understatement.

Rosek: They’re still not budging?

Aldek sighed and shook his head.::

A. Desai: Not one bit. ::pauses:: How’d your mission go?

Rosek: ::gaze drops to her hands:: Good, I suppose. I’m wasn’t on the away team for once. Kind of glad I wasn’t in the thick of things. ::lifts her head and smiles wanly:: I don’t exactly have a great track record. I always end up shot at, banged up, or otherwise injured. ::pauses and grins:: I got a promotion, though. Full lieutenant. And a couple of ribbons to add to my collection.

A. Desai: ::smiles:: Congratulations, Lael. I’m very proud of you. And I’m glad you’re safe.

Rosek: :smiles:: Thanks, Dad.

A. Desai: ::pauses:: What about Jansen? Are you and he still fighting?

Rosek: ::grimaces:: We’re not fighting, Dad. We broke up.

A. Desai: ::shakes his head:: I still say there’s hope. I know I only met him once, but he didn’t strike me as the kind of man to give up because of one miscommunication.

Rosek: ::sighs:: I don’t was more than a miscommunication. ::runs her hands through her hair:: It’s not looking good.

A. Desai: ::smiles:: ‘The best things in life are worth waiting for, fighting for, believing in, and just never letting go of.’

Rosek: ::murmurs:: I should never have let go of him. I should have fought for him...for us.

A. Desai: You’ve said yourself, baby girl...he’s not like anyone you’ve ever met.

Rosek: ::shakes her head:: No. He’s not. ::her gaze locks with his:: He’s more. So much more.

A. Desai: Then just have faith. If it’s meant to be, it will find a way.. ::pauses:: You know, maybe you need a vacation. I’ve been telling everyone about you and they’d really like to meet you.

Rosek: ::surprised:: Really?

A. Desai: ::smiles:: Of course. Especially your cousins. I’d be happy to put you up in my estate for a few days. There really is a lot you can learn about your Al-Leyan heritage. ::grins wryly:: I doubt your mother told you much.

Rosek: ::stiffens:: No. She really didn’t. What I do know I found out myself through research.

A. Desai: ::shrugs:: Well…

Rosek: ::pauses:: Let me get a few things in order first then I’ll hop a transport. I have to ask my Captain’s permission.

A. Desai: ::frowns:: Will that be a problem?

Rosek: ::shrugs:: I’m sure it won’t. She’s usually pretty good about it.

A. Desai: ::smiles:: I’ll plan for it then.

Rosek: ::smiles in return and nods:: I’ll contact you as soon as I know what transport I’ll be coming in on.

A. Desai: ::nods and grins:: I’ll look forward to seeing you soon, daughter.

Rosek: ::grins in return:: Same here, Dad.

A moment later, the screen went black, leaving Lael to daydream about her visit to the homeworld she’d only ever seen in pictures.::


PNPC Lt. Lael Rosek HCO/Engineering Officer USS Gorkon I238110RH0


PNPC Aldek Desai Luraul Civilian Ambassador

As simmed by Dassa Alexander