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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Science Lab 3, Deck 6 - USS Gorkon))

::Lael sighed, rubbing her eyes. After the last mission, she'd wanted a shoreleave away from everyone to do further research into an alternative treatment for her spinal injury. The nanites were now running at less than half efficiency and the repairs necessary to keep her walking were near constant. The pain grew worse everyday, so much so that she'd given up on her daily workouts all together.::

::She was visiting Sickbay nightly for both a strong dose of pain meds and a sedative just to get enough sleep to make it through her shift the next day. Most nights, she came straight to her quarters after Sickbay and passed out without dinner and, on the days when she had a later shift, she slept clean through breakfast. She was plagued by headaches and backaches that it seemed no amount of pain medication could cure.::

::Point in fact, she was miserable, lonely and scared. She put on a cheerful face for Janel, though. She knew it wouldn't help for him to know. He was God knew how many parsecs away trying to focus on his own life. The last thing he needed was to be weighed down with concern, unable to do anything to help. No, that just wasn't fair to him.::

::Her thoughts flew to Jansen. She'd been shutting him out, too, afraid for him to see her in pain. She was so uncertain around him lately, not wanting him to see her weak. But she missed him so much and now, in her darkest moment, she wanted the comfort his calming presence so often brought. Sighing, she gave in and tapped her commbadge.::

ROSEK: =/\=Rosek to Orrey.=/\=

((Holodeck 3, Deck 4 - USS Gorkon))

::Jansen sat at his desk inside his holo lab going over journals and test results from one of the "theoretical" radiation experiments going on in the corner section of the room. So far he wasn't having any luck. It was always more of the same running the tests just weren't coming out the way he had hoped they would. He sat back and rubbed his eyes some before he sat up and pressed the button on his combadge as it chirped.::

ORREY: =/\=Jansen here. What do you need?=/\=

((Science Lab 3, Deck 6 - USS Gorkon))

::Actually hearing his voice made her hesitate. She wasn't the type to ask other people for help and typically avoided it at all costs.::

ROSEK: =/\=I was wondering what you were doing.=/\=

ORREY: =/\=I am in Holodeck three at the moment running a program.=/\=

::She paused, fiddling with the PADD in her hands. She hadn't expected that, though she supposed it was shoreleave and he couldn't just lay around.::

ROSEK: =/\=I hope I'm not interrupting anything important. ::I was hoping we could meet somewhere to talk.=/\=

ORREY: =/\=Or you could come join me?=/\=

ROSEK: ::pauses:: =/\=All right. Holodeck three?=/\=

((Holodeck 3, Deck 4 - USS Gorkon))

ORREY: =/\= I cannot wait =/\=

::Jansen smiled and looked around the room some, to his right was a surgical suite and the left was a miniature modular science lab with his desk straddling the line between the two so that no matter what he was working on he can be prepared with notes. Notes just like the ones he was happily going back over now that he had heard from his friend.::

((Science Lab 3, Deck 6 - USS Gorkon))

::She couldn't believe she'd agreed to meet him. Hell, she couldn't believe she'd contacted him. She wasn't the best company at the moment and the thought of spilling everything to Jansen made her slightly nervous. Despite her best attempts, she still found herself wanting much more than friendship and he still managed to scatter her wits. Saving her work and returning the panels to their original settings, she exited the science lab and headed toward her quarters to change into something more casual.::

((Mini-Timewarp, Holodeck 3, Deck 4 - USS Gorkon))

::She arrived to find Jansen running a combined surgical suite and small science lab. She cleared her throat, then worried her lower lip.::

ROSEK: I didn't mean to interrupt if you were doing something important.

ORREY: ::Jansen looked up with a smile and set down the PADD he was going over when she spoke.:: Nothing is more important then my friend.

ROSEK: ::pauses:: I'm in a place where I really need someone to talk to.

ORREY: ::He crossed to her and smiled some.:: Lucky for you I'm in a place to listen.

::Though he had become one of her closest friends these last few months, she still found herself stunned at the depth of his loyalty and devotion. It had been so long since she'd had that kind of connection with anyone, with the closest to it being Elina. She almost wanted to cry for the happiness it brought her.::

::Jansen led her back to the desk sitting her down in a chair in front of it and leaned on the desk in front of her.:: ORREY: Lael talk to me. ROSEK: ::sighs:: ::murmurs:: I'm scared. The nanites that keep me walking are breaking down. I've tried for months to repair them, but the damage is happening faster than I can fix them. <nowiki>::Tears escaped the corners of her eyes and rolled down her cheeks..::

ROSEK: If I can't find an alternative, and fast, I'll be stuck in a hoverchair until I do.

TBC in Part II


A JP by
Ensign Jansen Orrey M.D.
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon


LT JG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon