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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Victory NCC 362447
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((Deck 5 - Sickbay - USS Victory))

:: With the hostage situation resolved Janel’s mind was immediately back with the patients under his care. Almost belatedly he remembered that now might be a good time to give the CO a much needed update! ::

Tarna: I better let Nugra know that knife situation is no longer a problem.

:: He imagined Danny would have a few things he wanted to add in too. ::

Tarna: =/\= Lieutenant Tarna to Captain Nugra. =/\=

:: As predicted the Captain responded quickly and although Janel didn’t know Nugra well, even he could tell that thing seemed tense. If he was reading things correctly, then it looked as if the situation was still every bit as tense and demanding as before. ::

Nugra: =/\= Response =/\=

Tarna: =/\= Sir, the knife issue has been resolved and the young lady brandishing it is now in my care. Danny and I are in sickbay. There are a lot of people in a serious condition right now so I’ll be focussing my efforts on making sure we don’t lose anyone. =/\=

:: He was going to have to find that marine later on and thank him for the fast response, that and ask him not to be messing with vital sickbay equipment like that again. Good as his intentions had been - there were other lives hanging in the balance. Had anyone been relying on any of the machines for life support they would have been put at risk. It wasn’t just that - the sudden change in environment could have panicked any number of patients. The Trill assumed that since the emergency backups hadn’t come on right away it was down to them overriding it for their tactical entry. The idea that other people lose their lives because of him didn’t sit well with him. ::

Wilde/Nugra: =/\= Responses =/\=

Tarna: =/\= How are things up there? =/\=

Nugra: =/\= Response =/\=

Tanra: =/\= You should come down and get that seen to as soon as possible, otherwise the damage may become permanent. =/\=

Nugra: =/\= Response

Tarna: =/\= Acknowledged. Tarna out. =/\=

Wilde: =/\= Response =/\=

((OOC: Moving along with permission from the CO having talked things through with him. ))

:: With that all said and done it was time for him to get back to work. Sickbay was full and staff were stretched. It was time for him to work some magic. He really wanted to get out of his EV suit but the decontamination process was still a work in progress. He felt reasonably uncomfortable by now and had never enjoyed handling the fine tools of a Doctor in thick gloves. There was no use complaining about it though so he just did the best he could, holding things gingerly. ::

((Elsewhere - Jeffries Tube - Between Decks 4 and 5 - USS Victory))

::Finally, the last person was through. With everyone inoculated and on their way to Sickbay, it was her turn to be examined and inoculated. She closed her eyes and exhaled heavily as Ensign Goodwell scanned her with a medical tricorder.::

Goodwell: ::whistles:: Your levels are pretty high. And your fever's getting dangerous.

Rosek: ::smiles weakly and shrugs:: Somebody had to get them out, punctured enviro suit or not. I only wish I'd known sooner. Could have jury rigged it so I didn't get so much exposure. ::sighs:: By the time I noticed it, my brain cells were so scattered that it took everything I had to remember what I was doing down here. I nearly ended up lost a few times. If it hadn't been for my tricorder, I would have.

Goodwell: Nausea, too, right?

Rosek: ::nods weakly:: Fever, nausea, disorientation, weakness, fatigue, a headache coming on...oh and a bloody nose just before you got here.

Goodwell: Sounds bad. Let's get you inoculated and get moving. Your system doesn't seem to be dealing with the radiation too well.

Rosek: ::groans:: I always DID get sick more seriously and more often than most of the kids my age. Scared my mom out of her mind when I was a baby. My temperature spiked from 101 to nearly 104 in the space of two hours. No matter what she tried, she couldn't cool me down. I spent almost a month in the hospital.

Goodwell: Well, we'll get you taken care of. ::jams the inoculation into her arm::

::Lael gasped, her entire body tensing. Suddenly, the room began to spin rapidly. She cried out in surprise, fear and anxiety overwhelming her every thought. The spinning was replaced by darkness, by the anxiety only increased. She wanted to scream for help, scream for Janel, but her body didn't seem to be cooperating with her. Her heart worked desperately to get air to her deprived lungs. It felt as if her body was on fire as it begged for relief. Her last thought before the darkness enveloped her was Janel whispering her name.::


A JP by

LtJG Janel Tarna
Medical Officer
USS Victory


LtJG Lael Rosek
Operations Officer
USS Victory