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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Science Lab 3, Deck 6 - USS Gorkon))

::Jansen knelt down and hugged her to him and held her while rubbing her back. His thoughts were divided, some stayed with his friend here in the moment while some went back, back to the Constitution, and back further to the Academy.::

ORREY: Shhh. Now do I really seem like a friend that would let that happen?

::Lael shook her head, burying her face in his shoulder. She knew she should be embarrassed. She was no doubt getting snot all over his shirt. But she didn't pull away. She couldn't. His embrace was too calming.::

ORREY: ::Still hugging but leaning back to look at her.:: Besides this is just fate for us. ::Standing up and slowly letting go of her he motioned to the room they are in first to the medical side.:: I was a doctor before I joined Starfleet, ::Then he swept his other hand to the science lab.:: As a science officer. ::He brought both hands to the front to point at her.:: That did his Academy final paper on Nanotechnology.

ROSEK: ::smiles:: You, too?

::Jansen nodded some and he moved from his spot in front of her and over to the biobed in the medical side of the room. He comes back to her with a medical tricorder and starts to scan her with the hand scanner.::

ORREY: Oh of course, nearly got me drummed out.

ROSEK: ::gaze drops to her hands:: ::murmurs:: My mom thought I was be so obsessed with nanotech. ::shrugs:: I wasn't, really, until after the accident. When I found out what it could do...what it could be used for...I was fascinated. ::pauses:: It changed me...the accident. ::smiles:: But I'm finally starting to get back parts of who I was before thanks to Janel... ::gaze locks with his:: and to you.

ORREY: ::Smiling.:: Me? How so?

ROSEK: I can be myself with you. I don't have to hold back because I'm worried you'll think less of me.

ORREY: We are all human...::His typical smile turns into a grin.:: more or less.

ROSEK: ::smiles:: More or less.

ORREY: ::He moves to the biobed again waving her to follow.:: Tell me about the accident?

::She paused, remembering the night she'd first told Janel. It was just after he'd been retrieved from his homeworld. He'd been miserable over his rejection from the Symbiosis Committee and the punishment that awaited him for going AWOL.::

ROSEK: ::swallows roughly:: I was 19 and it was the summer after my first year at the Academy. Me and some friends went climbing over the break, to get my mind off of things they said. Well, we were having a great time...until we hit this particular face. Most of us wanted to go around, but this one friend...he was the cocky, arrogant type...wanted to go right up it. Of course, since I was tethered to him, I had to follow. But he hadn't secured the anchor properly. He slipped and it snapped loose, sending us into a free fall, too far from the side of the mountain to grab for anything. ::exhales shakily:: God knows how long we fell. ::pauses:: When I came to, I was laying flat on my back on a ledge. I looked around for my friend only to find a severed rope where we'd been attached. ::fighting back tears:: It was hours before anyone found me and it was close to dark. I woke up the next morning at Starfleet Medical. That was when I realized it--I couldn't feel my legs. ::shivers:: They told me I'd never walk again.

ORREY: ::Jansen rubbed the back of his neck.:: I wouldn't put to much stock in them.

ROSEK: ::whispers:: I'd never been so terrified in my life. I was going to lose everything I'd worked my entire life for.

ORREY: Oh? How so?

ROSEK: ::gaze drops to her hands:: Starfleet was all I'd ever wanted. I couldn't imagine my life without it. Everything I'd ever done was to ensure I got into the Academy and graduated.

ORREY: ::He smiled some.:: We are not so different you and I. Tell me what happened next?

ROSEK: That's when he approached me. He said he had an experimental treatment that, if it worked, not only would I walk again, but that I'd pass any Academy physical with flying colors. They'd have no choice but to let me back in.

ORREY: ::Jansen lays her back on the biobed and scans her legs. As he listens, with the scans complete he moved over to the main work station and started to download the data. Moving back over to her he motions to the new instrument in his hand.:: I want a blood sample but keep going.

ROSEK: ::pauses:: There are other things...things I haven't told anyone else. ::pauses:: If Starfleet knew, I might lose my commission.

ORREY: ::Jansen pauses for a moment before moving back toward the center console in the room.:: Well....keep going for now.

ROSEK: With the "treatment" came certain enhancements. Greater strength, increased senses... ::pauses:: Higher brain functioning.

ORREY: Augmentations?

ROSEK: Not necessarily. It just means that I have access to a greater portion of my brain than most Humans or Al-Leyans. I see things in a way that others can't.

ORREY: Is that why you started as an engineer?

ROSEK: Not just engineering. Medical science, physics, tactics, diplomacy...I have an increased sensitivity to the emotions and non-verbal cues of others.

ORREY: mhmm, interesting.

ROSEK: ::pauses:: I suppose you could say I can pick up on emotions. It's staticky and faint most of the time, of course clearer with physical contact...but not much. Yet it's enough to get me out of some sticky situations.

ORREY: I see. That could be useful in some situations. You can sit up now. ::pauses:: Well I will attempt to have the answer for why your body is starting to reject the nanites.

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: Thank you. ::pauses:: I didn't expect you to dive head first into a giant project or anything. I mostly just needed someone to talk to. ::sighs:: My mother doesn't get it, my brother tries to, and Janel... ::sighs:: The last thing he needs is his ex-girlfriend, ex-lover, whatever, dumping her problems on him.

ORREY: Ex? What happened to making long distance work?

ROSEK: ::grins wryly:: Easier said than done I suppose.

ORREY: I am sorry to hear that.

::Jansen moved back to the science side of the room in the holodeck and considered if he was really really sorry to hear that...obviously he was but still...he tapped on the console bringing over the information from her scans with his own private work he had been doing when she had asked to come see him. He would love to have heard from Sevo by now but alas had no news yet...which as the saying went had to be good news. When he turned around he focused on the woman on the biobed.::

ROSEK: ::pauses:: I don't know about you, but I could use a break from puzzles. Maybe check out of reality for a bit with a nice piece of holo-fiction. What about you?

ORREY: I don't know about that.

ROSEK: Nothing too thought-provoking. Maybe a stroll along the beach or a visit to a favorite holonovel.

ORREY: ::Jansen immediately thought of the Ares and his passcode locked program but he shook his head some to forget that idea. He wasn't sharing that with anyone anytime soon.:: That could be great, something simple. Any ideas?

ROSEK: ::pauses:: You pick. What's your favorite holonovel?

ORREY: Why mine?

ROSEK: The best way to get out of my own head for awhile is to experience something new.

ORREY: Ah I see. Well my favorite one of all time is awfully close to the mission we just went through so it is out. However I know of a good one that is relatively obscure. ::He moved over to the biobed and smiled at her.:: But you would have to trust me. Think you can?

::She leaned forward, her lips millimeters from his, and grasped his hand, weaving their hands together. Her gaze locked with his and she smiled.::

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: With my life.

::Strangely, she meant it. She'd never felt as safe as she did when he was with her. Even in those awful tunnels during the last mission, she felt protected, like nothing could hurt her as long as he was there. It was odd, but kind of nice considering she was usually the one to protect others. It just proved that what she felt for Jansen was far different than anything she'd ever felt for anyone. He was strong and steady...exactly what she needed to calm the chaos that was her life.::

ORREY: oOControl....Jansen...control...Oo ::Jansen let his eyes flick to her lips then back up to her eyes and smiled.:: Well then I.......

FRANKLIN: =/\= Sickbay to Dr. Orrey =/\=

::Jansen laughed and leaned his forehead over against Lael's when his combadge chirped to life and stood back before tapping his badge but he didn't take his other hand away from where she had grabbed it.::

ORREY: =/\= Orrey here. =/\=

FRANKLIN: =/\= You were on call sir and we need you. =/\=

ORREY: =/\= On my way. =/\= ::Jansen closed the channel and offered another apologetic look.:: Forgive me but apparently duty calls.

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: Of course.

ORREY: ::He held up the PADD.:: Let me look into this and we take a rain check on the Holodeck excursion until another day?

ROSEK: ::smiles and nods:: The next mission is supposed to be fairly routine. I'm sure we'll both manage to find time.

::She couldn't help but feel a little frustration as she watched him go. He'd been so close to finally making a move. She shook her head. This wasn't something to rush. The last thing that she wanted him to think was that he was rebound for Janel. He was anything but. What she felt for Jansen was serious and possibly of the long term sort. It wasn't difficult to picture a future with him. Until him, she'd never considered the idea of a family. Yes, she'd always wanted children. But even with Jensar, it had always been about the moment with the idea of settling down nowhere in sight. She smiled. Oh, yes. What she felt for Jansen had the potential to lead to everything she'd never dreamed of and more.::


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Ensign Jansen Orrey M.D.
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon


LT JG Lael Rosek HCO Officer
USS Gorkon