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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Officer’s Lounge, USS Gorkon))

::Jansen smiled at her playfully turning around and leaning back on the bar.::

ORREY: Tonight could be special.

ROSEK: Oh? How so?

ORREY: You never know what news I could have tonight to celebrate.

::Lael laughed and shook her head. Leave it to Jansen to tease with hints. A familiar tune caught her attention and she grinned. Downing the rest of her drink with a slight shudder, she grabbed his hand. ::

ROSEK: Dance with me?

::Jansen takes a sip of his drink and sits it back on the bar before looking at the bartender.: ORREY: I will be back for him soon. ::He turned and looked at Lael with a nod.:: Alright and here is a hint. We are more similar tonight than we ever have been before. ROSEK: :: arches an eyebrow:: I have all night to figure out your cryptic hints. ::faces him and wraps her arms around his neck:: ::whispers in his ear:: Right now, I want to enjoy how your hands feel on my body. <nowiki>::Jansen smiles and rests her hands on her hips at her waist before swirling them around out onto the dance floor.::

ORREY: You have no idea.

::The game was nearly at an end. No matter what the outcome, she was determined to risk it all tonight in one last gamble. He was worth it.::

::Jansen settled into the comfortable rhythm of the music, holding Lael close. She was so perfect with him, there wasn't a time when he could think of the time they spent together that didn't make him smile.::

::It was one of the more pleasant evenings she'd had in awhile. The usual throbbing in her back had faded to a dull ache and she felt safe and protected in his arms. It was the perfect moment. Even as the song changed to another slow tune, he barely acknowledged it and she was so lost in him she almost didn't notice.::

::The music changed. It changed again, and again, and one final time before he finally twirled her around out away from him and pulled her back to his side as they left the dance floor.::

ORREY: Having a good time?

ROSEK: ::smiles and murmurs:: With you? Always.

ORREY: ::Jansen retakes his drink and sips it.:: Good I am glad to hear that.

::Lael ordered another tequila sunrise and smiled, thanking the bartender before eyeing the food table.::

ROSEK: Are you hungry at all?

ORREY: ::Jansen stays quiet for a minute and then laughs some before finishing his drink.:: I can't answer that in good faith right now. But we can get something off that table.

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: I admit...I missed lunch.

ORREY: Well come on then.

::Once they reached the long table, she grabbed a plate and scanned the options.::

ROSEK: Some yummy choices...but nothing compared to that Romulan dish you introduced me to. What was it called again?

ORREY: The jumbo mollusk or some Viinerine?

ROSEK: ::nods:: Both. And that aromatic spiced tea. ::grins:: I couldn't stop thinking about it on the bridge today. Scanned the wrong meteor for ten minutes before I realized it.

ORREY: ::Jansen smiled and shakes his head.:: Now now you can't let me make you bad at work.

ROSEK: ::smiles:: The captain was quite forgiving once I explained my distraction.

ORREY: Now now let's not throw me under the shuttle eh?

ROSEK: ::scoffs and pretends to be offended:: I would never. :grins:: I simply told her that cravings for spiced tea and holiday excitement were to blame.

ORREY: ::With a teasing smile.:: So a date with me is holiday excitement huh?

ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: If you say so.

ORREY: You don't?

::Lael opened her mouth to respond to the cocky expression on his face when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and resisted the urge to groan in irritation...just barely.::

JACOBS: I was sorry to hear about you and Janel.

ROSEK: ::forces a smile:: It's fine, Alex. Really. Just not meant to be.

JACOBS: ::pauses:: Save me a dance?

ROSEK: Sorry. ::Grasps Jansen's hand:: My dance card is full.

::The dark-haired man scowled and stocked away.::

ORREY: Now that wasn't very nice.

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: On the contrary...considering who I was talking to, that was downright friendly.

ORREY: Then explain what I am missing.

ROSEK: ::grimaces:: He has a reputation for taking advantage of his dates.

ORREY: I see.

::Jansen looked around a bit and nodded some to himself. It was now or never for him.::

ORREY: You said you liked the food and drink. Would you like to go somewhere else and enjoy that?

Her heart missed a beat and she swallowed roughly. What was he up to?::</nowiki>

ROSEK: ::raspily:: I...okay...I mean...::licks her lips nervously:: Yeah, I would. Where were you thinking?

Ever smiling he held his chin for a moment extending his index finger to tap his nose.::</nowiki>

ORREY: Well I have a replicator in my quarters.

ROSEK: ::sucks in a breath:: Oh. I... ::Licks her lips nervously again::

THOMPSON: Mistletoe!

::Lael started and turned to find her friend pointing above her head. Swallowing roughly, she looked up to discover that she and Jansen were dead center below a sprig of mistletoe. She blushed crimson.::

ROSEK: o0Damn her!0o

::Jansen drifted his eyes upward with to follow Lael's before looking down at Lael with a smile.::

ORREY: is tradition? ::The same tradition that Jansen had fastened above his door to his quarters where he could bring it up in private.::

ROSEK: ::stammers:: We don't have to do this here. I mean...

::Jansen looked from her to her friends around them and back again.::

ORREY: Life is full of times when we could better plan things. But life is also full of times when you just....jump.

ROSEK: ::mouth forms an o:: Yes, but...

::Jansen leaned down raising both his hands up to cup her face and presses his lips to hers tilting his head as their noses brush past each other.::

::She gasped at the first contact of their lips, grasping his shoulders tightly to compensate for her suddenly weak legs. It took her brain a few moments to catch up and for her to think of kissing him back. She shivered as fireworks exploded behind her closed eyes and every nerve ending in her body came alive.::

::Jansen closed his eyes as she kissed back his lips curling into a smile around where their lips are sealed together.::

::It was a struggle to push him away. For several moments after, she remained still, her hands on his chest as she fought to catch her breath.::

ROSEK: ::breathily:: Oh, Jansen. I...

::Jansen let a slow breath go as his eyes fluttered open.::

ORREY: :whispering.:: Merry Christmas Lael.

ROSEK: ::smiles and brushes her lips against his:: Merry Christmas, Jansen.


A JP by
Lt JG Jansen Orrey M.D.
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon


Lt JG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon