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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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OOC: Takes place a couple nights after "Lover's Lodge".

((Rosek's Quarters, USS Gorkon))

::Lael was glad that Jansen had agreed to attend this Christmas party with her. She didn't know why she continued to agree to these things, even with the awkward position it always put her in. She and Jansen had discussed their obvious attraction to one another to a certain degree, but hadn't gone beyond the kiss on the cheek she'd given him before daring him to chase her.::

::Jansen stopped outside Lael's quarters and adjusted his red brocade vest and making sure his combadge rested against the inside of his wrist attached to his shirt cuff before he pressed the panel to warn of his arrival.::

::She turned toward the door at the sound of the comm, then turning her attention back to the mirror to put the finishing touches on her red lip gloss. She grinned as she examined herself in the mirror. She looked rather good if she did say so herself. The strapless, knee-length bright red dress suited her figure well, both the top and bottom lined with white cotton all the way around. Red, sparkly stilettos complemented the dress, topped off with a Santa hat. A diamond pendant hung at her neck and a diamond tennis bracelet dangled from her wrist. Matching diamond earrings hung from her ears. The black eyeliner and red lip gloss completed the ensemble. She smirked. This outfit was going to knock Jansen's socks off.::

::She moved toward the door, tucking her combadge into an invisible pocket in her dress.::

::Jansen was about to give up when the door finally swished open. Lael was, as usual, dressed perfectly for the occasion. She looked absolutely stunning as well.::

ORREY: So this is my winter gift eh? To watch all the other people be jealous of my date and her good sense of fashion?

ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: Who says the dress is for you? Maybe I just want to watch the men trip over themselves while they gawk at my outfit.

ORREY:::Jansen took a step back.:: Well if that is the case then you don't need an escort do you?

ROSEK: Maybe my escort is part of my plan to ensure they stare. ::laughs and pats his arm:: I wouldn't dream of disappointing them.

::Jansen laughed slightly. This was, while sounding very Lael in her kidding, also vaguely sounding like a fishing trip, and he didn't have a mood to be bait.::

ORREY: Shall we then? ::Jansen took a half step back and tipped his right arm out to her.::

ROSEK: ::takes his arm:: ::expression softens:: ::murmurs:: I was kidding, Jansen. ::smiles genuinely:: ::kisses his cheek:: Of course the dress is for you.

ORREY: Mhmm ::He looked at her sideways before slowly grinning and starting them off down the corridor.::

((Officer's Lounge, USS Gorkon))

::Lael smiled as they entered. Whoever had taken charge of the decorations had done an impeccable job. If possible, the scene was even more beautiful than the last party they'd thrown.::

ROSEK: How lovely.

::Jansen took a moment to admire the decorations and nodded in agreement.::

ORREY: Very nice.


::Lael turned, smiling when she saw her friends Aleya and Michael moving toward them. She waved.::

ROSEK: Well, I'm promised.

THOMPSON: ::eyes her dress:: What a cute dress!

ROSEK: ::smiles:: Thank you. It's not often I get to wear it.

THOMPSON: ::eyes Jansen:: I see you brought your friend Jansen. ::to Orrey:: Nice to see you again.

ORREY: Good evening. I hope you are enjoying yourselves?

::Michael knew he wasn't hiding his dislike of Orrey very well, but his feelings for Lael also weren't a secret. Every one of their friends knew he was nursing a crush on the young blonde.::

THOMPSON: ::glares at Michael:: ::turns to Orrey with a smile:: Yes. It's a lovely party. A few friends organized it. I insisted they invite Lael since she wouldn't be able to make it home for her family's Christmas this year.

::Lael smiled wanly.::

ROSEK: There's always next year.

ORREY: I know it is such a shame, but at least she can be surrounded by friends and people that care.

THOMPSON: You're sweet. Lael is lucky to have you.

::Lael blushed.::

THOMPSON: ::to Lael:: ::nods toward a long table:: The buffet is over there ::nods toward the bar:: And drinks are there. Open bar for beer and wine, but you have to pay for your own if you want the hard stuff.

::Lael nodded, watching as Aleya and Michael moved away to join the crowd.::

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: I don't know about you, but I could use a drink.

ORREY: ::Jansen smirks and turns to her.:: The way that he was looking at me? I need a sword and shield.

ROSEK: ::scowls:: I really wish he wouldn't. It's not like I've done anything to encourage him.

ORREY: Oh? I didn't know he had a thing for you.

ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: You didn't wonder why he gets that look on his face whenever you're nearby?

::Jansen turned them toward the bar and looked at her with a smile.::

ORREY: I realize that not everyone likes me. I am friendly not inept.

::Lael shook her head. She often forgot that men weren’t concerned with the drama of women. While she knew Jansen wasn’t so dense that he wouldn’t know another man’s jealousy, maybe he truly hadn’t seen it for what it was, not having all the facts.::

::As they approached the bar, she eyed the brandy but shook her head. She was going to need something stronger tonight.::

ROSEK: Tequila sunrise, please.

BARTENDER: Did you want to open a tab?

ROSEK: ::pauses:: Yes.

::The bartender entered some information onto a PADD before offering it to her. She pressed her thumb to the square at the bottom and the device chirped in confirmation. She watched as the bartender whipped up the drink, then sat it on the counter in front of her. She picked it up and took a sip, sighing in contentment.::

ROSEK: Mmm. Perfect.

BARTENDER: ::to Orrey:: What can I get for you?

ORREY: Scotch. Neat.

::Jansen nodded his head when the bartender started to speak.::

ROSEK: ::grins as she sips her drink:: So predictable.

ORREY: Is that a bad thing?

ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: I suppose not.

ORREY: Good.

::Jansen smiled at her playfully turning around and leaning back on the bar.::

ORREY: Tonight could be special.

ROSEK: Oh? How so?

ORREY: You never know what news I could have tonight to celebrate.



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