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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Bridge, USS Gorkon))

EERIE: Captain. I have a Defiant class ship on sensors. Not getting a current ID code.

::Lael frowned. Defiant class? She didn't think there were even any assigned to this region.::

REYNOLDS: Put it on screen.

SKYFIRE: Don't all ships have their regi--? ...don't they all have ID transmitters?

REYNOLDS: Can we get any form of ID from it? Even if it's just pulling it off the hull?

SEVO: Getting starfixes and astrogation scans now, sir. Near as I can tell, we’re in the same place, but the nebula’s form has changed drastically.

REYNOLDS: Rosek, can you confirm our position?

ROSEK: ::studies the scans and frowns:: She's right, Captain. I--I can't explain it.

SEVO: Its volume has decreased by 23.4%, chemical composition is noticeably different, gamma and x-rays increased by 12.2% and 41%, respectively. The gravitational shear is also leveling off to normal. It's almost like it's a completely different nebula we’re looking at.

::A sudden beep from the console caught Lael's attention.::

ROSEK: Captain, I'm getting an incoming transmission. ::turns to Reynolds:: It's from the other ship.

SEVO: It’s hull composition is identical to any other Defiant-class ship, but I’m seeing numerous micro- and macro-ruptures all along the hull. Most are open to vacuum, but some seem to be ejecting oxygen and chemicals. I’m also seeing large discrepancies and fluctuations in their x-ray and gamma-ray profiles. Maybe their power grid is fluctuating?

REYNOLDS: I wouldn't be surprised, given the state it's in. ::She took a moment to think, then nodded to Rosek.:: Alright, answer their hail and put it on screen.

::Lael entered a series of commands, opening the communication on the front viewer. Gradually, the transmission cleared to reveal a familiar face.::


BRUNSIG (ALT): Yes. What the hell's going on?

REYNOLDS: Good to see you're still as charming, no matter what universe we're in.

JANSEN (ALT): Response

REYNOLDS: Lieutenant Sevo, Ensigns Lang and Kajak, would you brief--Captain Brunsig on what we encountered?

SEVO: Of course, sir. :: Clearing her throat. :: Command… :: catching her mistake. Brunsig, I’m Lt. Ayiana Sevo, Chief Science Officer of the Federation Starship Gorkon. We were observing a nebula very similar to this one. Initial scans detected high gravitational waves emanating from the center, which we deduced was a quantum fissure. We sent in several probes for more detailed scans. Somehow, they triggered an exponential increase in the gravitational topography of the surrounding area. A gravity current enveloped the ship and pulled us into the fissure. Next thing we know, we are outside the nebula again, completely different in shape and composition, finding your ship here.

LANG / KAJAK: Response

BRUNSIG (ALT): Give me a moment.

REYNOLDS: Thoughts?

SEVO: Wow. Alternate reality. I’ve read stories of them, but never thought I’d enter one.

SKYFIRE:  :: He turned to their Brikar chief. :: What else can you tell us about the Invicta report?

EERIE: On stardate 239209.22 the Invicta crossed into a space-time anomaly where the Dominion war was a loss for the Federation and encountered the USS Ronin-A, another Defiant class ship. Which this doesn't match. At some point both ships attempted to return and repair the rift. The rift was repaired but the Ronin was unable to make it back to... ::Eerie paused.::

EERIE: This reality. Quantum or otherwise.

TAN: Response

VESS: So… There’s a possibility *we* winna get back…

REYNOLDS: Let's not go there. The Invicta was able to return, there's no reason to assume we can't.

SEVO: I...The Federation lost? Wh-what happened? Does the Federation still exist?!

::Lael wasn't liking this at all. A universe where the Federation might not exist? God knew what state Earth was in. If it weren't for the Federation, Earth would have been destroyed a million times over.::

TAN /LANG / KAJAK: Response

EERIE: Captain. That ship could certainly use some of our assistance. From my scans, a major refit is in order. Alternative reality or not, if they are Federation officers we should assist them and try to get them back or give them some resources and try to get back ourselves.

TAN: Response

SEVO: He-he’s right. If all that is true, then they are basically living on the run. How they survived for over fifteen years on the run is another question.

LANG/KAJAK: Response

VESS: At the very least, they’ll need some medical supplies.

ROSEK: I'd be happy to lend a hand in Engineering, sir.

REYNOLDS: Ensign--what are their tactical capabilities?

TAN: Response

REYNOLDS: Alright. Keep an eye on them.

TAN: Response

SEVO: Captain, do you really think they’d fire on us? We’re both Federation starships.

SKYFIRE: Orders, captain?

REYNOLDS: We'll give them what help we can.

EERIE: I hope this doesn't come up with the Department of Temporal Investigations.::Dryly.::

REYNOLDS: It shouldn't. They deal with time-travel, not alternate universes. ::She paused.:: There is no department for that. Or a Prime Directive.

SEVO: Heh, maybe with all these quantum crossovers, its about time they make one. :: Then Ayiana thought of all the mysterious rumors surrounding the DTI. :: Then again, maybe not.

VESS: Ah volunteer to go over there. Ah can render aid.

REYNOLDS: ::It was her turn to raise an eyebrow.:: And maybe spy a little?

VESS: Response

REYNOLDS: I appreciate the thought, but anyone who has an alternate version of themselves is going to be a source of considerable curiosity.

SEVO: Captain, with all the possible permutations of another reality, it is extremely unlikely that that ship over there-- :: Ayiana pointed to the muted screen. :: -- would have the exact same crew complement as us. Its already a statistical improbability that there are several individuals we know over there.

ROSEK: Even if we run into an alternate version of ourselves, what could happen? Our lives have obviously worked out differently. We may share faces and some personality traits, but its unlikely they're the same as us in EVERY way.

VESS / ANY: Response

BRUNSIG (ALT): We could use whatever assistance you're able to provide.

REYNOLDS: I'll have my officers coordinate with yours.

BRUNSIG (ALT): Appreciated. And you and I need to chat.

REYNOLDS: I can have you beamed--

BRUNSIG (ALT): You'll forgive me if I don't pay a special guest visit to the pristine gunboat.

REYNOLDS: Alright, we'll come to you.

BRUNSIG (ALT): I'll get out the best china

REYNOLDS: Lieutenant Sevo, I want you, Lang and Rosek to figure out how we're going to get back home. ::She paused for a moment, then added.:: Pull in someone from engineering as well… make it Shapiro.

SEVO: Yes, sir.

ROSEK: ::nods:: Of course, sir.

LANG: Response

REYNOLDS: You two-- ::she looked at Vess and Skyfire:: -- are with me. Eerie, you and Tan-- will come as well.


::Lael's brow furrowed as she set the computer to take deeper scans of the nebula. Having lost track of the probes, she was being forced to improvise.::

SEVO: =/\= Lt. Sevo to Ensign Shapiro, can you come to the bridge, please? =/\=

Shapiro: =/\= Aye, Lieutenant. =/\=

REYNOLDS: Shall we?

SEVO: Captain… :: Her face showed deep concern for Reynolds, mixed with a small smirk :: ...stay out of Jefferies tubes this time.

REYNOLDS: Response

::Lael grimaced slightly, remembering the away mission gone awry. It had cost them their first officer and had almost cost them the rest of their lives. It was pure luck and strength of will that they'd managed to survive that mission intact.::



LT JG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon