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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Holodeck 3, USS Gorkon))

::Lael's brow furrowed as she drew closer to the holodeck. She'd received a communication from Jansen several moments earlier requesting she meet him here. "Dress warm" the message had said. She exhaled heavily before stepping up to the doors and entering, shocked to find herself in a winter wonderland.::

::Jansen smiled at her with wide open arms amidst a faint falling of snow coating the already white ground. They were surrounded in a world of white, brown and green given the thick spruce forest around them.::

ORREY: I realize it is a little late but I thought you might like to go on a little walk with me?

::Lael took in the scene. The snow was falling lightly, encapsulating the whole world as though they were inside a snow globe. It was gorgeous. She hadn't seen snow since Elina's Christmas party the year before last, prior to leaving Earth.::

ROSEK: ::smiles:: I'd love to.

ORREY: Good. ::Jansen extended his crooked arm to her.::</nowiki>

::The sun shines just enough to give them light without threatening to give them a soggy paradise. It makes the world sparkle and glisten with a sheen.::

::Lael hooked her hand through his offered arm, leaning against his shoulder slightly as they walked. Something seemed different about him today. He was more relaxed than usual and his smile wasn't strained as it usually was. If she didn't know any better, she'd think he was trying to seduce her. She shook her head. It was just his way of making up for his abrupt end to their time the other day. She frowned slightly as the near kiss entered the forefront of her thoughts. He was so hard to read. One moment, his body language was practically screaming "I want you" and the next, he was aloof and distant. Her gaze locked with his as they walked. What she wouldn't give to know exactly what he was thinking at that moment.::

ORREY: What do you think?

::Jansen starts to guide them through the woods down what seems to be a winding path through the snowy mid morning light.::

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: It's lovely. ::smiles:: And the company isn't so bad either.

Orrey: ::He offers her a smirk.:: Is that so?

ROSEK: ::pokes her tongue out at him:: You're fishing, Doctor, and I'm not biting.

::Jansen looked back at the path picking their way around a large tree and starting up a bit of a hill. It wasn't much of an incline but enough to know you were rising.::

ORREY: If you can see it my line isn't in the water.

::Lael arched an eyebrow, not quite sure what that was supposed to mean.::

::It doesn't take them long to reach the crest of the hill and a little log cabin on the top of the hill. Jansen slowly pulled his arm away and gave Lael a moment to walk around and look at their surroundings.::

ROSEK: ::smirks:: Hmm. Cozy. Do I need to worry?

::As she speaks a ball of snow collides with the back of her head and when she turns Jansen looks at her from where he had been looking at the clouds.::

ORREY: Why whatever do you mean?

::She's only shocked for a moment, really. She'd been on her guard since seeing the snow. His smirk reminded her of Kellan when he got it into his head that he was superior. She matched Jansen's smirk, bending over to form her own snowball. At times like these, there was only one thing to do: wipe the smirk off their face and make them beg for mercy.::

::Jansen took a step back and just smiled at her.::

ORREY: Now now wait a minute here.

::Lael straightened and stared at him for a moment, snowball in hand. Their gazes locked and her smirk widened.::

ROSEK: One word. Run.

::Jansen smiled and nodded his head.::

ORREY: You asked for it.

::Jansen dipped down and dragged his fingertips across the snow to try and get powder in the air and then ran just like she said. He ran directly at her aiming for her.::

::She laughed as she brought her free hand up to protect her eyes from the flying powder. She flung the snowball in her hand, barely clipping his ear. She reached down to scoop up more snow for another, pressing it firmly together. Before she could throw it, however, she found herself pinned.::

ROSEK: ::squeals:: Jansen!

::Jansen kept her hands firmly in the snow and tilted his head to the left some looking down at her.::


::She laughed, pressing into the snow with her feet, trying to use her hips and leg muscles to buck him off. She could have easily with her stronger-than-a-Human strength, but she was enjoying too much the feel of a warm, male body pressed against hers. She let lose another squeal when something cold and wet covered her face.::

::He held her wrists in one hand and had another handful of snow ready.::

ORREY: Can I help you?

::Taking advance of his haughtiness, she again thrust upward with her hips, rolling them so he was on his back with his arms pinned above his head with one hand and her free hand shoveling snow down his sweater as she laughed.::

ORREY: ::He laughed up at her with a smile.:: You call my name and then when I am waiting to talk to you go and flip the script on me.

::She sombered, her gaze flickering to his lips even as she licked her own.::

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: Jansen?

::Jansen very patiently started calculating the ways to get out of this fix as he shifted his weight under her to lay more evenly.::

ORREY: Again I say, yes?

::Swallowing roughly, she leaned forward, her lips millimeters from his when she heard a strange sound that caused her to jerk away. She cleared her throat and rose, then offered him a hand.::

Orrey: ::Jansen took her hand and stood up before dusting himself off. Trying hard not to think of how close their lips were.:: Wait until you see what is inside.

::She glanced again toward the cottage, hoping that the awkwardness would fade. It would be a shame for them to cut their time short because she couldn't control her impulses.::

ROSEK: Lead on, then.

::Jansen took her hand and led her to the inside of the cabin. The inside of the cabin is a cozy little single room. A low roaring fire in a brick fireplace in front of a overstuffed well worn couch.::

::She sucked in a breath at the idyllic scene, her gaze flickering briefly to Jansen. Was it possible that the flirting really meant something more serious to him?::

ROSEK: Oh! It's perfect!

::Her cheeks flushed as she imagined the two of them sharing kisses on that couch in front of that fire. She wasn't used to being wooed by romantic gestures. Not that Janel and Jensar hadn't both swept her off her feet...but this was a different kind of romance. More traditional...more subtle.::

ORREY: Think so?

::He had worked on the world for a while based on both what she had said about wanting something simple and private and the planet the world was orbiting.::

::This night was turning into quite the surprise. She hadn't expected things to move quite so quickly. It was all she could do to keep her excitement from showing on her face. But the more obvious it became, the more nervous she was. Were they rushing things?::

ORREY: Alright so first we have a nice dinner ready for us. Then some quiet time in front of that fire how does that sound?

ROSEK: ::smiles and laces her fingers together with his:: Sounds perfect.

::Jansen guides her back outside and to the rear of the cabin where a table waits with small warm meal is prepared and waiting for them.::

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: Looks delicious.

ORREY: Some of my favorites. ::He moved them to one side of the table and slid a chair out for her.::

::She slid into the chair, nodding her thanks, and took a closer look at the assortment of dishes laid out before her. She smiled as she noticed a couple of her favorites were among them.::

ROSEK: Thai is my favorite. I prefer my food with a little bit of a kick.

ORREY: Some of the Romulan foods will suit you well then here.

::Indeed it was about half earth foods and half Romulan things.::

::Lael studied the Romulan dishes as he'd suggested, some of the more exotic-looking ones peaking her interest.::

ROSEK: Hmm. Which would you recommend I try first?

ORREY: Try the Romulan Mollusk with some Viinerine. The flavors are very nice together.

ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: Hmm.

::At his suggestion, she used the serving utensil to scoop some onto her plate, then took a bite, chewing thoughtfully.::

ROSEK: A very nice balance of savory and spice. The Viinerine adds a certain tangy note as well.

::Jansen nods his head and takes his time filling his plate with a bit of all the food before starting to eat.::

::Throughout most of the meal, Lael was silent, enjoying the variety of foods. As she'd feared, a certain amount of awkwardness, at least on her part, seemed to accompany the second near miss. She was acutely aware of him and the fact that he was extremely attractive and exceedingly masculine. He embodied everything she was raised to believe about men and a few additional things she'd learned over the years. The fact was that he could intimidate the hell out of her without saying a word...something entirely foreign to her. She wasn't typically one to be intimidated.::



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