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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Holodeck 3 USS Gorkon))

::Jansen sat back and wiped his mouth He was unsure of dinner being so quiet but she seemed to be deep in thought and it seemed like a decent time to press his luck and see what was on her mind.::

ORREY: So what has your thoughts captured?

::She looked up abruptly, her eyes widening slightly. A slight flush filled her cheeks as she diverted her gaze.::

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: Nothing in particular.

ORREY: ::Jansen raised his eyebrow in a very Vulcan fashion.:: And if I told you I know you better?

ROSEK: ::clears her throat:: To which I'd respond "Do you really?"

ORREY: With all due respect Lael I haven't known you to be this quiet the entire time I've known you. Even in the catacombs.

::Lael sighed. He had a point.::

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: Touche. ::pauses:: Do you remember when we first met and I commented on how attractive I found you?

ORREY: Yes I do. What about it?

ROSEK: ::blushes:: That hasn't changed.

ORREY: ::Jansen laughed some.:: I hope not

::She looked up, her gaze thoughtful as it locked with his.::

ROSEK: One minute you're reserved and seem to be avoiding me at all costs, the next you're...::waves a hand at him:: like this. It's enough to confuse even the most quick-witted person. Half the time, I think you're just flirting to flirt and the other half...::sighs:: I never know what to think, I guess.

ORREY: ::Jansen leaned forward and rested his elbows on the table.:: I don't flirt to flirt. Number one.

ROSEK: ::scowls:: Well, you could have fooled me.

::Jansen raises his hand and points toward the other part of the deck where the door was.::

ORREY: If you have problems with how I choose to spend my time with you. You don't have to spend time with me.

::Jansen lays his hand back down on the table.::

ORREY: However. can you tell me why it is a bad thing for the way the two of us act when we both are happy?

::Lael's expression softened and she sighed.::

ROSEK: I'm sorry. I just...::grimaces::I wasn't sure if you were really interested or if it was your way of being friendly...You're hard to read at the best of times.

ORREY: So? ::Jansen smiles at her.::

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: I wish it didn't have to be like pulling teeth to get you to open up more to me. I can tell you my deepest fears, but I never know more than the rudimentary facts about you...and the few things I can glean from observing you.

ORREY: ::Jansen leaned back in his chair.:: I haven't ever stopped you from asking.

ROSEK: ::shakes her head:: You don't have to ask ME.

ORREY: But I have to tell You?

ROSEK: ::pauses:: That's fair, I suppose. I just...::sighs:: I wish that you would just share something without me having to ask straight out. I feel like if I don't ask you specifically, I'll never know. And how am I supposed to know what to ask if I don't know to ask?

ORREY: Ask about what interests you. Beyond that, be patient?

ROSEK: ::smiles wanly:: Not one of my strong suits. ::pauses:: I'm not used to the way I feel around you. You keep me off balance and I never know what to expect. I'm used to being in control and it makes me nervous how easily you can break down my walls and have me spilling my deepest secrets.

::Jansen leans in again, this time with his usual playful smile on his face.::

ORREY: Get used to it.

ROSEK: ::smiles:: I suppose I'll have to, won't I?

ORREY: I have survived this long acting like I do. I don't see myself changing anytime soon

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: I wouldn't want you to.

::Jansen stands up and moves over pulling her chair out so she can stand up. Extending his crooked arm he starts to lead her back around to the front of the cottage.::

ORREY: Have you got a preference for tea?

::Lael slid her hand into the crook of his arm and allowed him to lead her.::

ROSEK: ::shakes her head:: I don't usually drink it. But I'll try anything once.

ORREY: ::Jansen smiled at her with a nod.:: A tea with a story then, yes?

ROSEK: ::nods:: Sounds good.

::He walked with her back inside and to the couch moving off to a countertop panel hooked into the replicator and came back with two heavy mugs and handed one to her as he sat down.::

ORREY: I swear it is tea and not paste.

::Jansen looked down as he rolled his cup back and forth watching as the thick spicy sludge worked its way around the cup.::

::She laughed, taking a sip.::


::Despite the thickness, the spice was nice. She sighed, humming an all-too-familiar tune.::

::Jansen watched with a smile as his cup of concrete slowly sliding back and forth before he looked up at her.::

ORREY: You want to know how I came about finding this type of tea?

ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: Please share, Doctor.

ORREY: ::Jansen took a long slow drink of his favorite sludge and let the slow warmth fill his body and he closed his eyes for a brief moment before he opened them looking at her.:: The time I almost married a Princess.

::Lael's eyes widened and she gasped, causing her to inhale a portion of her drink. This resulted in her coughing and choking on the liquid for a few moments before she was able to clear her airway.::

ROSEK: ::rasps:: The time you almost WHAT?

::Jansen laughed happily some rubbing her back as she hacked and coughed. Making sure she could breathe before he nodded his head.::

ORREY: I almost married a Ligonian princess.

ROSEK: How almost?

ORREY: She was a fellow lieutenant when I was on the Constitution. We hit off like greased lightning. Both doctors, She was the daughter of a Ligonian prince and a member of the 5th House of Betazed.

ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: So why almost?

ORREY: She had an arranged marriage with someone she didn't want on Betazed. She didn't want to marry him for a variety of reasons, myself being chief of those.

ROSEK: ::grins wryly:: Yeah, I suppose I can get that. A similar situation is what pushed me and my ex-husband, Jensar, to elope. His parents were pressuring him to go into politics and he wanted nothing to do with it.

ORREY: Ligonian Law allows for someone to challenge the marriage in a fight to the death though. I was ready. almost certain to go through with it.

ROSEK: What stopped you?

::Jansen smirked and took another drink of his mug of sludge.::

ORREY: I left for a medical conference, when I came back, everything was going to be handled. When I returned however, she was nowhere to be found. I looked at news and records from Betazed and Lingon II for a long time afterword, kept an ear down in Starfleet as well.

ROSEK: Well don't keep me in suspense. Did you ever find her or find out what happened?

ORREY: Eventually yes. Although it wasn't until much much later.I was serving on the Darwin by then. Someone I know in Intel found the information I needed. She had died in a shuttle crash.

ROSEK: ::frowns:: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.

ORREY: ::With a shake of his head as his smile regrows.:: Life goes on. She was nice, you would have liked her. As a friend, hated the competition.

ROSEK: ::ducks her head and smiles:: You know me too well. I admit I am the jealous type.

ORREY: I think I should. Seems like I am getting to know you very well.

ROSEK: ::laughs:: Not for a lack of trying on your part, I assure you.

ORREY: ::Jansen looks at her sideways.:: Would you prefer it any other way?

ROSEK: ::grins:: You wouldn't be you otherwise.

ORREY: Ah. There isn't much special about me. Just a Doctor in space keeping my friends safe and healthy.

ROSEK: ::murmurs:: On the contrary. There are a great many things about you that I find very special.

ORREY: ::He takes another drink of the spiced sludge.:: Oh? Like what?

::Lael blushed. Where to begin?::

ROSEK: For one, you're devastatingly handsome.

::Jansen smirked and looked at her some, staying quiet to see if she continues.::

ROSEK: ::laughs at his expression:: Cocky much?

ORREY: Not a day in my life.

ROSEK: ::smiles:: For two, you make me laugh. Not an easy thing to do.

ORREY: At least I haven't had to resort to tickling......yet.

ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: Not sure you'd like the flip side of that.

ORREY: But the question becomes, am I kidding or are you stalling?

ROSEK: ::tenses:: You wouldn't dare. ::rises slowly, eyeing him warily::

::His hand darts out but just arcs past her and dangles over the back of the sofa as he shifts toward her.::

ORREY: So you were accusing me of being cocky?

::Lael grinned and without another word, stood to make a run for it.::

::Jansen grinned at her and finished off his tea looking at her briefly for a moment.::

ORREY: Did you forget something?

ROSEK: ::arches an eyebrow:: Very sneaky, Doctor. ::slides cautiously back onto the sofa::


ROSEK: ::leans closer and grins:: Yes, you. ::pecks him on the cheek and laughs as she runs, glancing back as though daring him to follow::</nowiki>

Jansen smirked again and watched her for a moment before jumping up and chasing after her with a happy laugh.::</nowiki>



Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansen Orrey M.D.
USS Gorkon


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HCO Officer
USS Gorkon