SIM:Lael Rosek - Bruised Egos Part III (Gorkon)

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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(( Holodeck 3, USS Gorkon ))

::She purposefully missed the blocks, giving him a chance to demonstrate what he’d learned. She grinned as she quickly found herself on her back. Hopping to her feet, she got into position again.::

:: As much as he tried he could not make contact with her. When she started getting sloppy he finally made contact and was able to knock her down. The smile on her face should him that she was letting him win. His manhood slipped a little further. ::

ROSEK: Okay. Let’s up the ante. Try to counter me this time and use it on me.

STOYER: :: smiling at her. ::Yes ma’am.

::She wasn’t giving it everything, but she wasn’t holding back as much as before.::

:: She was getting harder to hit. His stance was getting sloppy. He realized that he should have paid more attention in class when this was taught. ::

STOYER:  :: Looking at Chythar. :: Anytime you want to switch out. My ego cannot take much more of a beating.

SKYFIRE: To be honest, Cory, I’m not sure I was doing much better.

ROSEK: You're doing fine. Jujitsu takes lots of practice and discipline. But your stance could use a bit of work. May I?

STOYER: I am your humble student Miss Rosek.

:: Cory slowly got up and watched as Rosek positioned her feet correctly. He mimicked the stance. It felt awkward but he did it anyway. ::

:: CD watched as she corrected Cory’s stance and posture, then as she guided his hands to form the basics of muscle memory. Even though he was only supposed to be observing, the XO tried following the movements as well. ::

ROSEK: One of the keys to jujitsu is to relax. If you can't, you'll only wear down faster and increase your chances injury.

:: Skyfire nodded in agreement. That was one of the keys to meditation as well, one that his brother Sal had been beating into him since day one. A lesson that Ris also tried to teach, to deal with his gift. ::

ROSEK: Also, focus on your breathing. Slow, steady inhalation and exhalations. It'll go a long way to helping you relax. Jiu-jitsu isn't about aggression or strength. It's about focus and using your opponent’s weight and weaknesses against them. Use your brain not your brawn.

STOYER: OK. Breathing….

:: Cory slowed his breathing and tried to relax. The beating he took did help but he was willing to try anything. ::

:: CD slowed his breathing as well, his mind starting to clear as he continued to watch. As he relaxed, the moves made more sense and he was able to make complete sense of the takedown maneuver. Lael’s slowing it down had helped, as did the relaxing breathing. Combined, it was now crystal clear. Whether he’d be able to perform it successfully, on her, was another story. ::

SKYFIRE: I think I got it. Want to spare your ego any further abuse, Cory?

STOYER: Be my guest, Chythar. Watching you get thrown around will help me relax.

Stoyer: oO This will be fun to watch. Oo

:: Cory stepped out of the circle and let Chythar get in. His ego was bruised by the ease of the beating he took, the but he was willing to learn from it. He flexed his knees and watched as Cythar and Lael squared off. ::

:: He swapped places with Cory and tried to repeat the maneuver as it was shown, trying to analyze her movements. Instead of watching her hands, he was watching her eyes. It would not be a surprise if he landed on his back, but it would be a surprise if he was still standing. ::

::She smirked. The man was learning quickly. If she wasn’t mistaken, he had a slight advantage in his ability to read people; but she wasn’t about to let that stop her from throwing him down to the mat. A simple series of purposeful blinks would distract him just long enough to hide her intentions.::

STOYER: :: Smiling. :: Don’t let the welterweight throw you around.

SKYFIRE: Wasn’t planning on it, Chief.

:: Cory was definitely enjoying this. He had to admit Lael had moves, he was glad she was willing to teach. Maybe make this something regular. It could not hurt. ::

::Skyfire was good, but she was better. It took her longer and more effort this time, but the round still ended up with him on his back.::

:: As Chythar hit the mat, he winced and tried a leg-sweep maneuver before jumping back onto his feet. oO Devil take me, she’s good… Oo As he dropped into stance once more, he started watching her hands instead of her eyes. ::

::Chest heaving, she dropped her hands and stood up straight.::

ROSEK: As much as I’ve enjoyed this, isn’t it almost time for those Engineering drills you wanted to do, Cory?

STOYER: :: looking at his chronometer. :: Yeah, in about an hour. Enough time to soak the bruises and try and put my ego back together.

:: Cory stretched and felt a few new aches and pains. ::

:: CD winced a bit and blinked some sweat out of his eyes as he took a moment to regain his breath. Muscles tensed and burning from the workout. His slight advantage from his empathic sense wasn’t really serving him in these lessons. ::

SKYFIRE: Same time next week, Lael?

ROSEK: ::pauses:: If the next mission, doesn’t interfere, sure. Worst case, we can set up a couple of sessions when things calm down again.

STOYER: If I can squeeze in, I would like to join ya’ll.

SKYFIRE: :: nodding :: I’d like that...Maybe next time I can learn falling with grace…

ROSEK: ::grins:: If there is such a thing.

:: Chythar gave a nod and smirked. ::


STOYER: Wise beyond her years.

ROSEK: Well, I should shower and change before the drills. ::to Stoyer:: See you in Engineering?

STOYER: I look forward to it, Lael.

SKYFIRE: Have fun. Thanks for the lesson.

:: CD made his way out of the holodeck and let Rosek & Stoyer shut the program off, as he had a small canine to feed. ::

:: Cory watched as Lael shut the holodeck down. He looked around to ensure everything was working well. He then left and made his way back to his quarters on Deck 5. ::



HCO Officer
USS Gorkon


Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire
First Officer
USS Gorkon, NCC-82293
History Team Co-Facilitator
Medical Duty Post Facilitator
Dear Doc Columnist
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Lieutenant Cory Stoyer
Chief Engineer
U.S.S. Gorkon