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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Za NCC 65305
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OOC: Takes place after Lael’s visit to Sickbay after she first comes aboard. OOC2: Takes place before CD’s dinner with Alora

(( Skyfire’s Quarters ))

Chythar had been assigned quarters and hadn’t really been in here very long. The only thing that decorated the room, apart from his bags of stuff on the bed, was a single plant: a blue violet. Low maintenance, and a present from his friend Alora. The journey over had been super-quiet, and he had begun unpacking his bag of Devlin’s toys as he heard the door chime. ::
Lael arrived a little early, assisted by her forearm crutches. She was dressed simply in a fuchsia strapless dress that ended just above her knees and slip-on black shoes. It was the easiest thing to get on. She pressed her thumb to the door chime.::

Skyfire: Come in!

Lael entered smiling, moving somewhat awkwardly and slowly.::

Rosek: Hi.

CD turned and smiled at his friend, helping her to the couch before sitting down on the opposite end of it. ::

Skyfire: How you feelin’, Lael?

Rosek: ::shrugs:: Tired. But good.

Skyfire: Therapy going alright? No side effects ah should tell Dassa about?

Rosek: ::scowls:: If you breathe a word, no one will be able to save you. She already virtually has me on lockdown.

Devlin bounded over to the couch and onto CD’s lap, looking up at Lael in his polite beagle fashion as though asking permission to sit on her lap. ::

Skyfire: Promise. Nae a word.

Lael patted her lap.::

Rosek: It's all right, Devlin. Come here.

The little canine made his way over to her lap and got comfortable, resting his head on his forepaws. CD watched the pair and smiled softly. ::

Skyfire: So...what were yeh up to while ah was nappin’ on the way over?

Rosek: ::scratches Devlin absently behind the ears:: Finishing my dissertation.

Skyfire:’ve graduated, ah take it.

Rosek: ::shrugs:: My mentor at Daystrom had already read everything but the results and the conclusion. He's submitted it to be reviewed, but he's confident it’ll be official in a couple weeks.

Skyfire: Keep me posted. Ah want tae get a look when it’s done. :: He smiled at her, absently reaching for the tags under his shirt. He wasn’t sure why, but small talk was hard at the moment. ::

Rosek: ::reaches for his hand with her free one and squeezes reassuringly:: ::murmurs:: Are you okay? I know things have been crazy for you lately.

He nodded faintly and took a breath before attempting to explain. Crazy didn’t even begin to sum it up. ::

Skyfire: Just...something Cap’n Rhani said. She’d try to keep any pesky medical emergencies from happening. Ah’ve seen enough of those in the last week to last a while.

Rosek: ::murmurs:: It turned out okay. I'm still here, aren't I? Thanks to you and Dassa.

Skyfire: It’s nae you ah’m worried about, hon. It’s Quinn. Ah’ve left them without a CMO, and while ah trust that Mark is perfectly capable of handling it, ah was the one who did the Lazarus thing.

Rosek: Alucard is perfectly capable of helping out in a pinch.

He nodded, but still couldn’t help himself. He was still thinking about her, hoping that his efforts had been enough. Even though he wasn’t part of that crew anymore, she was a patient of his until recently. ::

Rosek: I understand what you're feeling, but I'm certain she’ll be fine. ::smiles wanly:: You are Doctor Lazarus after all.

It felt strange to hear someone else use his newfound nickname. It was stranger still to hear himself use it. He ran his thumb along her hand gently. Words were not coming easily, so he changed the subject. ::

Skyfire: Met my boss today. That was fun…

Rosek: ::grins:: I'll bet. I imagine it’s been awhile since you reported to anyone but Alucard or Quinn.

Skyfire: Please don’t make me math...

Rosek: ::laughs and squeezes his hand affectionately:: I won't. You've been through enough.

He gave a nod and stifled a yawn. Food or sleep sounded really good right now, but he couldn’t pick which one he wanted more. ::

Rosek: ::arches an eyebrow:: I can hear your stomach from here. When was the last time you ate?

Skyfire: Probably just after we boarded the shuttle, but before ah fell asleep ah think.

Rosek: ::shakes her head and rises slowly, using her forearm crutches to move toward the replicator:: You really need to quit missing meals. As a doctor, you should know better. What did you want to eat?

Skyfire: Come on, ah was nae hungry… :: He gave a resigned sigh. :: Cucumber rolls, ah s’pose.

Rosek: You need protein, too.

Skyfire: :: again he sighed. In that moment, she sounded like Sarah. ::. Marina platter 12.

Rosek: ::to the computer:: Marina platter 12.

The dish appeared and she brought it to him before going back to order her recent favorite...Vinerine with Romulan mollusks. It wasn't as good as Jansen made it, but it still offered some comfort.::
He broke the chopsticks, then covered his food in soy sauce. He knew he didn’t miss meals on purpose, but she was probably right in that he needed to eat even when he wasn’t hungry. It was annoying, and something he probably should bring up during his physical. Instead of talking, he just ate quietly. ::

Skyfire: oO Mental note to self: get on Alex’s case about reminding me to eat. Oo

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: Someone has to.

He looked up at her again mid-bite, a raised brow of silent inquiry. ::

Rosek: ::gaze drops to her plate:: I'm sorry. I don't mean to eavesdrop. It's difficult not to these days.

Skyfire: :: after a bite of cucumber roll. :: Tell me something, lass. Your connection with it as strong as it used to be? Or are we connected similarly now?

Rosek: ::pauses:: She let go. You didn't. And no. She and I could share memories and emotions...but we could never voice thoughts to each other like I seem to be able to with you.

He contemplated that, and wondered if it was yet another quirk of his freakish accidents. His eyes closed for a moment and he took a breath, dreading the moment he’d have that same conversation with Rhani about his abilities. Or worse, his boss. ::

Rosek: ::grins wryly:: There are days where I wish I'd never explored my abilities. I'd still be blissfully ignorant and wouldn't be resorting to vain attempts at comfort. ::motions to the plate:: It's killing me. ::grimaces:: As stupid as it is, I miss him and I feel like I abandoned him.

Skyfire: Last time ah asked, you told me not to.

She studied him, her expression thoughtful. Her view of him had changed since the night before her surgery. He was clueless, thank God. This situation was difficult enough without that added awkwardness. Her gaze dropped again to her plate and she nodded solemnly.::
Her lack of response bothered him. A solemn nod without any further words? He set his plate down and studied her in turn, deciding to take a chance on his words. ::

Skyfire: Was it somethin’ ah said?

Rosek: ::smiles sadly without meeting his gaze:: ::murmurs:: For your sake and mine, you're better off not knowing.


--- Lieutenant Lael Rosek HCO Officer USS Za I238110RH0


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire Medical Officer USS Za O239002CS0