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Ensign Cole Turner - "Tactical Miscalculation"

  • Species: Human
  • Post Count: 6
  • Assignment: Tactical Officer

Ensign Cole Turner, a Tactical Officer on the USS Ronin, first found himself in the limelight when he took over the Tactical station for Counselor Ehlanii during a crisis involving two Cardassian ships, a crashed Runabout, an ion storm, some mercenaries, and nice a bit of sensor echo technology. When firing a warning shot at one of the Cardassian ships, it exploded killing 500 people. It might not be his fault, but that doesn't mean would didn't tease him about it. On the next mission, he found himself being asked to help the Chief Engineer, Lt. Brice, take a space walk to fix some sensor beacons along the Gorn border. When the ship was called away to deal with a minor skirmish between the Gorn and the FTU, Cole and his EVA suit may have been left behind... no one really knows yet.

Cole Turner, you will be remembered... someday.