Remembering Sonak

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Ensign Sonak - "Lost in the Aether"

  • Species: Vulcan
  • Post Count: 7
  • Assignment: Science Officer

Accoring to his psych profile, Ensign Sonak had an unusually well developed empathic ability, for a Vulcan. He could sense the emotions of others just by being in the same room with them. If harnessed, that kind of empathy in a Vulcan might have made a valuable asset to the crew of the Ronin, but alas, Sonak was lost early on. His first mission was to be a disastrous one for him. He was assigned to investigate what turned out to be an interphasic rift between our universe and another (and eventually several others). In many of the alternate universes that eventually ensued before the rift was closed, the Federation was losing the Gorn War and it is believed that Ensign Sonak was lost in one version of that conflict or another, never to be seen again.

Ensign Sonak, you will be remembered.