Remembering Mrs A. Shepard

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Personnel Details

  • Name: Anastasia Shepard (Staronovna)
  • Age:
  • Speices:Laytean
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Duty Post: Medical Doctor
  • Cause of Death: Murder

Family History

  • Father: Alec Staronovich
  • Mother: Elaina Staronovna
  • Brother: Fyetka Staronovich
  • Spouse: LTJG Jack Shepard (MIA Presumed Dead)Shepard, Jack
  • Nephew: ENS Scott Shepard (MIA) Shepard, Scott


Starfleet Command Message: Information on subject: A.Shepard, are based on reports from USS Ronin and Personal Logs from LTJG J.Shepard and A.Shepard. Be Advised: All Accounts may not be 100% Factual

  • Anastasia was born on the Planet Layte in the former state known as Serovania, now apart of Estovania. Estovanaia was created from the nations of Serovania and Yatrova after the Laytean World War. She spent her child hood in the rural town of Mermansk. She enjoyed the beauty of life and the outdoors. When she wasn't studying, she would be found wondering the countryside. She kept her passion for life and went to medical school. Laytean medicine at the time rivaled that of Starfleet. The planet was still pre-warp, but peaceful. As medical school ended she wanted to see the world, but still be a doctor.
  • She gained a commission into the Serovanian Air Force Bureau of Medicine. Much to her dismay, shortly after commissioning the leader of Serovania was assassinated in a foreign country, Three major Serovanian cities where destroyed. Also major military and government centers in Yatrova where leveled. All that carnage happened in one swift day. The Grand Marshal declared his rule of Serovania with much support and sent Serovania into a long brutal World War. The went on a few years before Jack Shepard crashed on the beaches in the outskirts of Nicarta Air Field where now Medical Captain Staronovna was stationed. Staronovna arrived on the scene where Shepard laid beaten amongst the wreckage. They where amazed by the alien craft, but she was more concerned of the man dying near it. Anastasia was the first person Jack encountered on Layte. By her medical knowledge, even with the slight difference in physiology, she saved Jack. He would later be instrumental in exposing the Grand Marshal, ending the World War.
  • Anya, what she was called by her friends, spent a lot of time with Jack and grew an admiration for him that started with a curiosity of where he came from. Jack spoke little as possible to the Sarovanian government of Starfleet due to protocol. Jack became a friend to one of Anya's, Under Marshal of Scientific Research Loma Petrovich. The man was an old peace loving man that sat on the peace council before the war. Later Loma used Jack and is new team granted by Sarovania for Intel Recon known as the ISG, to expose the Grand Marshal's plan to control the world. Jack reluctantly accepted. She was both proud and scared for Jack, playing double agent was a dangerous job.
  • She was later promoted to Major and headquartered at the capital city of Serget where Jack had his office. She began to appreciate spending time with Jack since he constantly was "sent away." Her appreciation of Jack grew into love. Jack was reluctant at first with his engagement with another person back where he came from, LTJG Rebecca Hollendale. She did not let it discourage her and eventually was able to tear down Jack's walls. They spent many afternoons in the gardens together, Serget Gardens became their world away from everything.
  • After the war, Maj.Staronovna and Maj.Jack Shepard where married. They lived in Serget for a time. Once the new country of Estovania was created, with Serget as capital, they where sent to Nicarta. Nicarta Air Field became the Nicarta International Research and Exploration Center(NIREC). Anya was the lead medical officer and Jack learned to fly the XAF-47. The XAF-47 was an experimental warp 1 capable ship able to have one pilot. The space vehicle operated as an early 22nd century or late 21st century ship.
  • She was saddened when Jack disappeared. To her, due to time dilation, it was almost a year before the USS Ronin mounted a mission to destroy the shuttle along with technology and research that came from Starfleet. The Ronin took her with, happily to be reunited with her husband Jack Shepard. She had a rough time getting acclimated with the crew. She later was able to fit in. During a confusing moment on the Ronin when the ship went into a self destruct mode, she was reported to have been killed in the escape pod bay. It is suspected that who impersonated Chief Brighten was to blame.

Starfleet Command Message: Security Access Needed for Investigation Information.